I Go To Disney World Every Day. These Are My RED FLAGS

Going to Disney World every day will teach you a thing or two.

Quincy and I in Magic Kingdom!

Disney World has plenty of exciting things going on right now like the EPCOT transformation, the Disney Dining Plan returning, and all-day park hopping being reinstated soon but what about the not-so-exciting things to watch for? Let’s talk about the red flags that tell me you’re about to have a tough time in Disney World!

Long Lines First Thing

When you first arrive at the Disney parks, the first sign of trouble could be long lines at the Ticket and Transportation Center, specifically at the Ferry Boats.

Ferryboat to Magic Kingdom

While I might be pretty biased and almost always take the ferry boat, that’s not super common for most Disney World visitors. If you’re noticing a long line for the boats first thing in the morning, it can mean one of two things. The first is that the monorail is down, which could seriously impact how long it will take you to get into the parks. 

Look at those lines!

The second thing is that it could mean a super busy day in Magic Kingdom. While that’s sadly pretty common, especially around the holidays, these lines are the perfect indication of what you can expect for the rest of your park day.

Genie+ Prices

If you weren’t already aware, Genie+, Disney’s skip-the-line service, is based on surge pricing which means the prices depend on how busy the parks are. Genie+ can vary anywhere from $15 to $39 per person, per day, but did you know the price of Genie+ is a good indicator of crowds?


When Genie+ is only $15, you can expect that crowds are almost nonexistent. However, if Genie+ is $23 or more, you can expect that crowds will be a hindrance to your day. Since Genie+ is based on surge pricing though, you won’t know until midnight on the day of your visit what the price will be, however, it can give you a crowd insight before you even step into the parks.

Cast Member Announcements

Another red flag to watch for when you’re in the parks is announcements from Cast Members. When you’re waiting in line for rides throughout Disney World, sometimes you’ll hear announcements from Cast Members while you wait.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train gets some long lines!

Often they’ll use language like “wait times might be longer than expected.” When you hear announcements like these, this is a good indicator that there is a problem with the ride. While this might not be a major problem, it could also mean there might be a significant issue.

Lines can get pretty long!

I normally recommend sticking it out for a set amount of time before you decide to leave however, if you hear them say something like “ee encourage you to experience different attractions” you might wanna go ahead and hop out of line. No matter what they’re saying though, make sure you’re listening so you can make the most of your day!

Advanced Dining Reservations Are Disappearing

Another red flag I always look for is how many Advanced Dining Reservations are available before I head to the parks. If you notice that dining reservations are slowly starting to disappear before you even travel to Orlando, you might be in some semi-hot water. 


When crowds start to pick up, those dining reservations start to get taken up as more and more families are planning their trips too. If there are a lot of dining reservations, you can be almost sure that you won’t be bogged down by other guests when you’re saying hi to Mickey!

It’s A Holiday

Finally, the biggest red flag I look for in Disney World is simply the time of year. Going to Disney World any time of the year can be a bit of a risk when it comes to how smoothly your trip will go, the holidays are the most crowded time of the year.

Christmas in Magic Kingdom

The holidays are easily my favorite time of the year in Disney World thanks to the cheer, decor, and specialty snacks throughout the theme parks but I also know the moment the decor starts going up, the crowds start rolling in.

Holidays in Magic Kingdoms

While these red flags can definitely be daunting, there’s no need to worry! Being able to catch onto these flags is how you can start to really count yourself as a Disney Expert when it comes to vacation planning! If you want to know what more to expect in 2024, you can check out our video here.

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What are your Disney World red flags? Tell me in the comments! 

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  1. I dislike Disney’s surge pricing during holidays and other times when schools are out because for many people those are the only times when they can go