Disney Lorcana Cards Are Now Invitation ONLY On Amazon

Lorcana is a trading card game that has taken the Disney community by storm.


The premier set was released in August 2023 in stores, and in September 2023 online. These went FAST. Now, the latest edition of the game is up for grabs online. But, not everyone will be able to purchase them.

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Last week they were available on Amazon, however, they used a virtual queue system to allow people to purchase. Now, they have switched to an invitation-only system.

Lorcana Trading Cards

First, if you are not a Prime member, you will need to sign up for Amazon Prime to take advantage of these deals. You can select “request invite”. If you are chosen, you will receive an email or mobile push notification during the event. Keep checking since invites will be sent out periodically during the event.


First, this Lorcana: Rise of The Floodborn TCG Starter Deck Amber & Sapphire. This is a starter pack.


Each deck has 60 cards and features two ink colors with distinct play styles. In this starter deck, strategic Sapphire glimmers like Gaston – Intellectual Powerhouse and Judy Hopps – Optimistic Officer help you plan ahead and clear the way for teams of determined Amber glimmers like the miners from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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Next, the Lorcana: Rise of The Floodborn Starter Deck Amethyst & Steel.


This pack contains 1 starter deck of 60 cards (including 2 foil cards), 11 damage counters, 1 paper playmat, 1 paper tracker token, 1 Rules sheet, and 1 BONUS booster pack of 12 randomized cards.

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Finally, the Lorcana: Rise of The Floodborn Booster Pack Display. With 24 booster packs, this booster display box offers a convenient and exciting way to enhance your Disney Lorcana card collection.


You’ll want to request an invitation if you are wanting to purchase these.

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That’s a wrap on the Lorcena finds on Amazon. Be sure to check out our storefront for more Disney deals.

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  1. The hype with this game is crazy. Kinda solitaire like compared to something like MTG. But again not many cards yet. Prices have tanked over the past few months also already on secondary market. Will it be something huge down the road. Who knows but as far as t he game play itself goes it isn’t that great.