7 Signs You’ve Ridden Pirates of the Caribbean in Disney World Too Many Times

Yo Ho! It’s a pirate’s life for me.

Pirates of the Caribbean

And by life, we mean riding the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction way too many times. This beloved attraction has had its rough patches of closures. But, when you ride the attraction so much there are some details you must know about. Here are the signs that you are riding this ride too much, not that we are judging! 

1. You Inhale Deeply To Take in the Water and the Fire Smell

Ok, if you know, you know. Fans of the attraction love the smell of the water on the ride. And the fire smell that you can pick up during the town’s burning scene just makes some of our hearts happy.

You can’t escape the smell of burning in this scene

2. You Know Exactly Where to Find Jack Sparrow

The current version of the ride is NOT the same as the original that first debuted. Although a lot of the storyline is similar, when Disney released the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, decisions were made to incorporate the search for Jack Sparrow into the attraction. And now, fans know everywhere to look to find him. Just in case Johnny Depp himself ever shows up in the ride!

There he is!

3. You Hum The Song, Even When You Try Not To

What can we say? It’s catchy. You may even find us swaying back in forth in our boat. If you see us, no you didn’t.

Pirates of the Caribbean

4. You Know That You Could Get Wet

Alright, those water cannons can get you. Real fans know to grab all of their belongings and squish to the center of the boat to avoid getting wet. Is it just us or is the one on the left right after you pass the big ship more dangerous than the others?

You may get wet

5. You Analyze the Chessboard Just in Case the Skeletons Have Moved It

In the queue, two pirates can be seen working on a game of chess, BUT chess players may notice that any of the remaining moves would result in a checkmate. But you double-check every time JUST in case!


6. You Know What Scenes Were Changed After the Refurbishment

In 2018, the ride went under refurbishment and some key pieces changed. If you’ve been around, you still remember what the scene used to look like. Now we get to shout, “We Want the Rum,” and that feels okay to us.

Pirates of the Caribbean

7. You Tell Everyone That the Disneyland Version Used To Have Real Bones

You might find this far-fetched, but it’s really not. See, back in the ’60s and ’70s, the technology to produce fake human remains was… lackluster. Disney worked with the UCLA Medical Department and tossed real skeletons all over the ride. No, they are no longer there and have since been replaced with fake bones.

Dead Men Tell No Tales

If you do these things, guess what — it means you are a real fan and a real pirate! For more Disney World tips, follow AllEars.

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How many times have you ridden Pirates of the Caribbean? Tell us in the comments!

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