Your Jaw Will DROP When You See These BEAUTIFUL New Disney Dresses

We’ll be honest here — if you’re trying to save money or don’t want to add something else to your holiday wish list, this is NOT the post for you right now.

Holiday merchandise in EPCOT

If you’re still here with us, then get ready to FLIP OUT over some of the best Disney items we’ve seen lately. No, we’re not talking about holiday merch or Disney100 items (although we love those too), but there’s a whole new collection of beautiful dresses that have been released!

Over on the Disney Wedding Dress collection website, we discovered an entirely new collection inspired by some of our favorite characters! One of our favorites is the dress inspired by Elsa! These dresses are available through designer Kuraudia and will be sold in Kuraudia Japanese bridal shops in Spring 2024.


Look! You can also grab an Anna dress if she’s the sister you feel more connected with! Both of them are absolutely gorgeous.


Many members of our team are bookworms, so the gorgeous Belle dress also immediately caught our eye.


And we just couldn’t tear our eyes away from the stunning Jasmine dress. Seriously, how gorgeous, right?


We even spotted a Sorcerer Mickey dress! There are so many more to check out online, but you may have to travel to Japan if you want to purchase a dress! We know it’s such a bummer — Japan gets all the cool merchandise.


We’ll just have to be patient over here in the U.S., and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest Disney news here at AllEars.

Check out the new Princess wedding dress collection that was released earlier in 2023!

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Which dress is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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