NEWS: DeSantis’ Reedy Creek Leaders Fired Following Reports District Is “No Longer Functional”

Since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dissolved the Reedy Creek Improvement District and created the new Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD), we’ve seen the district be put through the wringer.

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After reports of swaths of employees leaving due to the district no longer being functional came about, the district chief quickly refuted those claims. Now, more changes have come to the CFTOD. 

Two senior staffers and two other employees of the DeSantis-controlled Central Florida Tourism Oversight District were fired just three days before Thanksgiving, per the Orlando Sentinel.

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On Monday, November 20th, Eryka Washington Perry, director of communications, and Jason Middleton, chief of human resources, were “dismissed.” An administrative assistant and facilities maintenance specialist were also let go, per an email obtained by the Sentinel.


District officials did not comment, but administrator Glen Gilzean shared his thoughts in an internal email to employees:

“These separations were isolated and specific and are not representative of our team members who show up every day with excellence and a clear vision of a stronger tomorrow for our taxpayers and visitors.”

It’s interesting to note that both Middleton and Washington Perry were hired by the Disney-friendly administration that used to control the former Reedy Creek Improvement District.


This comes after many district employees have left their jobs due to several reasons including the district being described as “a toxic workplace right now.” More than 3 dozen employees, with a combined total of 350 years of experience, have left.

Obtained via Click Orlando Livestream — Governor DeSantis

One former employee said, “With the departure of more than 3 dozen employees, the district is no longer functional.” Another, a former manager with more than 30 years of experience, said the new board members “show a severe lack of trust for employees.”

How these latest changes will impact the district remains to be seen, but we’ll be on the lookout for more news.

Reedy Creek Improvement District

We’ll continue to bring you more updates on this situation, so stay tuned to AllEars for the latest.

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9 Replies to “NEWS: DeSantis’ Reedy Creek Leaders Fired Following Reports District Is “No Longer Functional””

  1. Like many other residents of Florida we are sick and tired of government overreach. Our governor looks like a petty bully picking a fight with one of our largest employers. His ego got in the way of common sense.

  2. Double down and firing non-political appointed staff. Congratulations on creating a train wreck then making it worst. All this is due to inability to let people have a different of opinion. Let the market take care of social issues.

  3. Sounds like house cleaning. Ridding the operation of those either loyal to Disney Corp or simply no longer needed. Not unusual when control changes. Much ado about nothing.

  4. I have been a fairly regular Disney visitor. I am not a super fan who buys all kinds of Disney paraphernalia. And I have been very critical of the changes at Disney with regards to the cuts in services, the fact that stuff that used to be free now costs a lot of money. So I am not a blind supporter. All that being said, the take over of Reedy Creek by DeSantis may be cheered by the right, but at the end of the day Disney can do the job at this point with its eyes closed. You can try and keep Disney from supporting the LGBTQ+ community and attempt to muscle Disney and its employees, but that does nothing to build roads, put out fires, make sure the infrastructure works the way it should , and picks up the trash. Its funny DeSantis goes out of his way and spends a lot of money trying to take down Disney and DeSantis’ people mess it all up. Disney doesn’t have to lift a finger to make them look bad.

    1. And if Desantis can’t manage this tiny segment of Disneyland…….how will he manage America? My confidence has been displaced…..

  5. This news and virtually any other about DeSantis makes me sick. How can he just take over a publicly traded company and ruin all that Disney has built in over 50 years. How can everyone just sit back and let it happen. When is someone going to take him by the seat of his pants and steer him back into his lane?