The ONE Rule Everyone Breaks in Magic Kingdom

Heading to Magic Kingdom? We’ve got a long list of advice and tips for you!

Magic Kingdom

From where to eat, to the perfect order in which to do the rides and attractions, we’ve got a method for pretty much everything in this park. But there’s one important Magic Kingdom rule that we’ve talked about countless times … and we KNOW many of you guys are breaking it!

So what’s the unspoken rule that people continue to break? Leaving Magic Kingdom right after fireworks!

Hands-down, the absolute WORST time to leave Magic Kingdom is directly after the fireworks show. If you’re planning on ducking out once the music ends, you’re just setting yourself up for an excessive amount of stress.

Fireworks Crowds

Why? Well, it’s primarily because almost everyone else who watched the fireworks is trying to do the exact same thing you are! In fact, crowds are so heavy at this point in the night that Cast Members often have to open extra pathways down side streets in order to get all the visitors out of the park.

Happily Ever After

And don’t even get us started on the transportation issues! Once you finally make it out of the park, you’ll find ridiculously long lines for the Monorail, the ferryboat, and the buses. Prepare to wait for two or three rounds before you get to board any of these transportation options.

Fireworks bring CROWDS

Ultimately, the crowds and the delays will make it so that you’re getting back to your hotel room probably much later than you hoped. Do you know what you could’ve done with that time instead? You could enjoy more rides in Magic Kingdom!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Typically, Magic Kingdom will have fireworks at least 45 minutes before park closing time. The amount of time you’ll get will vary, but it’s usually enough time to at least go get in line for one more thing before the park closes for the night.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

So basically, our advice to you is to enjoy a little extra park time while you wait for those post-fireworks crowds to chill out. By the time they exit the park, you should also be able to get some pretty nice Cinderella Castle pictures with fewer people in the background. Perks all around!

Cinderella Castle

So going forward, we advise you NOT to break this one rule for Magic Kingdom! If at all possible, make sure to stay and soak up those last few minutes of park time and avoid those long lines to leave the park.

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Do you stay after the fireworks or leave immediately? Tell us in the comments!

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