8 Unspoken Rules About Riding the NEW Brightline Train to Disney World

Orlando’s new high-speed train is open and with it comes way for you to turn your travel experience on its head.

Brightline Train

When planning how you’re going to arrive in Orlando for your next Disney World vacation, you’ve got plenty of options. Now, those options could include riding the Brightline train. Before you grab your tickets, pack your bags, and jump right in, there are a few things we’d like to make you aware of first.

Before you run out to the Orlando International Airport to hop aboard Orlando’s newest form of transportation, you’ll want to take a few moments to hear us out. We’re bringing you a few unspoken rules about riding the new Brightline train, and you’ll want to take note.

Brightline Station at the Orlando Airport

A few of these may sound like common sense but it’s easy to forget when you’re so focused on getting to Disney World as quickly as possible. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in the logistics of getting there we end up having a terrible experience that in some extreme cases could deter us from ever attempting new transportation options again. But don’t worry — we’re here to help remind you of a few things you’ll want to consider before you’re ready to ride.

The Brightline train runs from the Orlando Airport to South Florida, so just to be clear, you will still need to book transportation from the airport to Disney World. Check out your options here.

Avoid Bringing Food With Overpowering Scents

Imagine you’re in a room where someone just heated up their home-cooked lunch — let’s call it fish– in the communal microwave, and now you’re gasping to catch your breath… now, imagine that on a high-speed train where there’s no escaping that smell for hours.

Bigger and more comfortable seating

While you can’t control what everyone else is doing, you can help cut down the likelihood of this same scenario happening if you plan your meals on board the train in advance. We’re all for saving some money and bringing a delicious and filling meal to enjoy while on board, but try to be aware of how strong those scents can be other people, especially in enclosed spaces. Just because you may have become “nose blind” to a stronger smell, doesn’t mean that everyone else will share the same selective smelling.

Don’t Create More Noise Than Necessary

It’s totally okay to go about your day while on the train as usual even if that includes working, but please be aware of how much noise you’re creating out of necessity.

On the train

You’ll likely be in closer proximity to other people riding the train with you, so if you have a need to be on the phone for lengthier conversations, then consider moving to the benches between the cars to take that phone call.

Plan Your Arrival Accordingly

What we have to say next may sound very foreign but we don’t recommend arriving hours before your departure on the train.

Orlando Brightline Train Station

Actually, planning to arrive 30 minutes prior to your departure time should leave you plenty of time to get through security and settle into your seat. Going through security is quick and doesn’t involve having to take off shoes or remove electronics from bags, so if you show up hours earlier, expect to do a whole lot of waiting.

No Restrictions On Liquids

TSA may tell you that you can only board the plane with a certain amount of liquids, but the Brightline train doesn’t currently have that restriction.

No liquid restrictions!

This will really help those who are budget-conscious and are looking for ways to cut costs in anything from toiletries to food and beverages.

You’ll Be Able To Work While Traveling

You’ll have free wifi and an outlet at your disposal all from your seat so it’s reasonable to plan to work on the train.

Brightline train

Sounds like nothing can stop you now — just be sure you’ve got your charging cords easily accessible.

Menus Are Limited On Board

Brightline menus are pretty limited.

Food and drinks menu items

Unless you’re totally fine with options of just a few cold sandwiches and snacks, you may want to plan ahead to bring or have already eaten a full meal before boarding.

Parking Can Be Difficult

Parking at the Terminal C parking lot can be brutal if you plan on taking the Brightline out of Orlando International Airport.

Terminal C is right this way!

Terminal C’s parking lot tends to fill up quickly, and you may be left very frustrated or with a longer trek than you originally planned. You may even want to consider taking a rideshare to MCO before catching your train to save your sanity.

Follow MCO Socials For Updates

Orlando International Airport is super active on social media, and they post updates frequently.

©Orlando International Airport

Chances are, if there’s something you need to be aware of before you arrive, it will be easiest to catch it by checking MCO’s socials on Twitter/X for the latest news on anything about arrivals, departures, parking, and everything in between.

And there you have them — these are just a short list of things to really keep your experience and expectations of riding the Brightline train in Orlando as smooth as possible. Be sure to check back with us at AllEars.net for the latest information.

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