NEWS: Space Mountain Reopening DELAYED in Disneyland

If you’ve been planning to be one of the first to ride Space Mountain on its reopening, we’ve got some news to share with you.

Disneyland Park

Disneyland has seen its fair share of ride closures and refurbishments lately. We’ve just seen Indiana Jones reopen after an extended closure not too long ago and then briefly saw a switch over to the holiday overlay transforming the Haunted Mansion into its holiday version. But, a classic Disneyland attraction’s closure has been delayed a bit longer than we had hoped.

Disneyland’s version of Space Mountain has been on refurbishment for a while now and we were starting to turn the corner towards seeing it reopen soon, or at least, that’s what we thought. When the attraction first closed, the reopening date was listed as October 26th, 2023.

Disneyland’s Space Mountain

We recently hopped on Disneyland’s website in anticipation of its reopening only to discover that the closure will be a tad longer than we were expecting. Thankfully, you won’t have to wait long though. The new opening date is now scheduled for the following day, October 27th, 2023.


This isn’t a huge delay but it could be a bit disappointing if you were lining up your park plans to ride Space Mountain specifically on its reopening day. A closure look at the date also shows early entry and regular park hours posted already in anticipation of reopening.


While we’re celebrating the return of a classic attraction we’ve got news of another closing soon. The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is closing on November 1st, 2023.

Entrance to Villains Grove (2022)

No reopening date is listed just yet, but it will likely remain closed for a bit to be rethemed for the annual holiday makeover to the Elves Trail and Santa’s meet and greet. If this is the case we could see this one return within a few weeks for the holiday seasonal offerings.


Be sure to check back in with us for the latest in Disneyland park changes and updates.

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