I Tested A New Magic Kingdom Strategy. 0 Stars. Do Not Recommend.

Trying out new ways to “do Disney” is my job.

Quincy in Magic Kingdom

I and the rest of the team here at AE are constantly trying out new tricks and hacks in the parks to make the day easier. Sometimes we make decisions on a whim that just… do not turn out the way we hoped. This happened to me the other day in Disney World — and I’m telling you so you don’t suffer the same fate.

RAIN is a real thing in Florida! It seems like it rains pretty much daily for about 8 months out of the year in Disney World. It was raining when we started one of our biggest challenges ever — to visit every Disney Park in the U.S. on the SAME DAY. You can watch that video (and see me in my rain gear) right here:

It is always a good rule of thumb to carry a rain jacket or poncho to the parks, but they’re just SO BULKY that they can be annoying to tote around all day. So, I got the genius idea to get a locker while in the parks to store my rain gear until I needed it.

Park lockers

This went really well for me for most of the day. I was relaxed knowing that my rain gear was safe and sound in a locker and not in my arms while I walked around the parks.

Hello from Disney World!

It went well until it started raining. And then I had to walk super dramatically through a whole STORM to the locker, which was all the way across the park. So, at this point, having rain gear with me at all was totally useless because I was already drenched.


Well, folks, it’s safe to say that there are better alternatives to not lugging around a rain jacket all day that don’t involve getting soaked on the way to retrieve said rain jacket.

A sea of ponchos

My recommendation is to just bring a backpack big enough to store it, bring a poncho, or just wear waterproof clothing. Literally anything other than keeping it in a locker all day.

Stormy Day in Magic Kingdom

We’ll continue to keep you updated with any and all Disney news, updates, and mistakes that we’ve made in the parks. Make sure to stay tuned and follow along for more.

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What is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made at Disney World? Let us know in the comments! 

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4 Replies to “I Tested A New Magic Kingdom Strategy. 0 Stars. Do Not Recommend.”

  1. We’ve tried umbrellas and ponchos during a rainstorm. Ponchos kept us more dry especially when it’s a blowing rain. However, the problem with ponchos is people tend to wear them on indoor rides. They won’t take them off and therefore they get the seats wet. I wish cast members would tell people to remove their ponchos as soon as they enter the line.

  2. We went to Disney World the first week in November to attend Mickeys Christmas Party. We dressed for a warm day and didn’t realize how cold it gets after the sun goes down. 65 degrees in Florida at night sure is different than 65 degrees at night in November back home in Wisconsin.

    1. I’ve been in your shoes, Wanda! I learned to always make sure I have a jacket tied around my waist just in case. I think it’s the humidity that makes it a “wet cold” and feels so much colder than other areas.

    2. In December my wife and I went into a restaurant to eat. When we were done, it was dark, cold, and we were miserable until we went to the nearest store and bought sweatshirts and jackets. Lesson learned about Florida in the winter.