NEWS: Disney Parks Executive Comments on Reedy Creek’s New Board

We have more updates regarding the Reedy Creek Improvement District changes in Florida.

©Disney | Josh D’Amaro at the IAAPA Expo 2020

Last we left off, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis had officially signed the bill that will change key parts of the Reedy Creek Improvement District, where he stated “Florida ends the corporate kingdom.” Now, one Disney chairman is speaking out on the future of the district.

The Reedy Creek Improvement District, or RCID for short, is a multi-purpose district that governs the area surrounding Disney World. RCID regulates building codes, land use, and environmental protections as well as provides direction for the efficient operation of Walt Disney World property. It was developed to alleviate the burden on the local government who otherwise would have to handle a variety of duties that come with governing a theme park.

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During the introduction of Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Disney executives spoke out against the proposed bill. Shortly after, a bill was introduced and passed in the Florida government to dissolve Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District.

Disney vs. DeSantis: What the Feud Means for the Future of Reedy Creek

Now that the bill has been signed into law, RCID will now be known as The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District. Governor DeSantis has appointed individuals to the new Board of Supervisors who will make decisions regarding the land that Disney World resides on.

©Governor DeSantis via Twitter

Disney has said that they will not fight the Reedy Creek changes and now, we have some new comments from one Disney executive. Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro shared some insights into what’s in store for the future of RCID in an exclusive interview with the Orlando Business Journal. In this interview, he promised:

“We will stay focused on what we have always done,” he said. “Look at how we run our business. Look at the investments we are making in our business. As long as I can keep providing that, take care of our cast members, the Central Florida community [and] take care of these guests … I’m in good shape. I can only control what I can control.”

Magic Kingdom

While the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District is meant to make decisions regarding the land Disney World covers (as Reedy Creek did before it), some of Governor DeSantis’s comments have alluded to a desire of his to make changes to the Disney company itself, at least in Florida. D’Amaro didn’t comment on this directly, but he did make it known that his priority is to ensure the parks remain operating as they were and that cast members and other park employees are taken care of.

PhotoPass Cast Members

D’Amaro said he is optimistic about the future. “If that new board understands the value that gets created here and how it positively impacts the Central Florida community, I think they will be aligned with our vision and will carry on the Reedy Creek soul that’s been in place,” he told the Orlando Business Journal.

Josh D’Amaro

Now that the bill has been signed by DeSantis, we are staying alert for any changes we may notice. Stay tuned to our site for more updates on this situation.

3 Important CHANGES for Disney’s Reedy Creek District Revealed in New Bill

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What do you think of the Reedy Creek changes? Comment your thoughts below.

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15 Replies to “NEWS: Disney Parks Executive Comments on Reedy Creek’s New Board”

  1. I beleive its time to move Disney World to a more accommadating state. This was the Govenors flex of muscle to bully.
    After all soon the Govenor will be running a state that’s under water as the polar ice caps accelerate their pace of melting.

  2. So if the state tries to further punish Disney by not spending money on the infrastructure in and around Disney, just remember that Florida relies heavily on tourism taxes. Disney has been far better at how it runs it’s theme parks than the state could ever be. You may not like that they have had special treatment all these years, but you cannot argue with their success. Now we all get a chance to see how Florida will handle the stuff Disney has all these years. My money says Florida will screw it up and come to regret this.

  3. If anyone noticed, travel on the Reedy Creek property was always better and more efficient that the local (and state) roads. Travel on I4 from Tampa literally SUCKS because there are no alternative routes into the park. Once in, it’s smooth sailing in the mouses’ world. When deSatan took the 2nd term, he should not be campaigning for a presidency while doing the job he just got. He should have to exit the job before entering the new race. Mickey for governor would be an improvement.

  4. The Governor of Florida is behaving like a dictator not representing his State as an American. He continues making all these radical decisions and ignores other voices in his State. This is not a man that we citizens of the United States want running our counrty.

  5. The governor needs to mind his own business and let those who know how to run Disney, do their job.

  6. Walt Disney is turning over in his grave. He is seeing what happened to his beloved Disney world. Disney has plans for expansion to create more areas for tourists to visit. But with DeSantis at the helm taking over Disney world I am afraid that they will put restrictions on building the new area and will be DeSantis vision not Walt Disney. I think that the person who’s at the helm of Disney now just gave in roll over to DeSantis. DeSantis is being a dictator/ authoritarian. I am glad I don’t live down there in Florida.

  7. There are other “Reedy creeks” in Florida that are not being investigated. It’s Desantis’ bullying and hate that’s led to this. I support Disney over the dictator. The new (old) CEO will guide and take care of Disney’s business. In time the dictator will be gone, but Disney will live on…

  8. disney stock is down almost 50 % over the last 18 months.

    time to focus on the business of entertainment & stop trying to change
    social policy.

    1. Every stock is down just not Disney. Maybe government should stop violating frees speech when they hate it.