AllEars TV: I Will NEVER Eat at This Disney World Restaurant Again

Disney World has some amazing food, but not every dining experience is magical.

Coral Reef Restaurant
Coral Reef Restaurant

We asked our readers, and these are the Disney World restaurants you’ll NEVER visit again.

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Whats your favorite Disney World restaurant? Least? Tell us in the comments!

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One Reply to “AllEars TV: I Will NEVER Eat at This Disney World Restaurant Again”

  1. I have to admit on my most recent trip I didn’t enjoy going to crystal palace but my only thing I enjoyed eating was the fried chicken with the pepper gravy and the Tabasco honey drizzle. But my favorite place to eat has to be whispering Canyon and Artist Point at Wilderness lodge. I recently stayed at the end of January and not only was the customer service by the staff incredible at whispering Canyon but just does all you can eat skillet’s getting refilled when you wanted them to be picking and choosing what you wanted more of The shenanigans and the joy that these cast members brain can’t beat that. Artist point not only was beautiful but the food was so tasty prime rib although a little bit fatty melted like butter that mushroom soup incredible I could have eaten bowls of it and the interactions with the characters was wonderful. Even as a solo traveler And telling them to please go make all the little kids alive they still came over and gave me hugs and just made me feel so happy and welcome.