Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek Will Reportedly Leave With Close to $23 Million

Late last night the Walt Disney Company underwent a major shake-up.

Bob Iger and Bob Chapek ©Disney

It was announced that former CEO Bob Chapek would be leaving, to be replaced by former Disney CEO (and Chapek’s predecessor), Bob Iger. The news took the world by storm, with reactions from across a variety of fields, along with major changes to Disney’s stock prices. And as the dust settles, more information has continued to come out — including how much Chapek will reportedly be walking away with.

According to Bloomberg News, Chapek will likely be walking away with close to $23 million as he leaves the Walt Disney Company. This money comes from a few different sources. For one, there is the remainder of his salary.

Bob Chapek ©Disney

Back in June, Chapek had signed for another three years with the company which, according to Bloomberg, adds up to about $6.5 million.


Then there’s his pension, which Bloomberg reports as being $16.9 million. This would come from his 30 years at the Walt Disney Company, though Bloomberg notes that number could potentially be even higher.

©Bloomberg via Getty Images

The remaining amount is a bit more up in the air. Bloomberg notes that he would have stock options accumulated throughout his career, as well as Disney’s “nonqualified deferred compensation plan”, which is a retirement plan for its most highly compensated employees. Reportedly Chapek had $8.5 million from it, though Bloomberg notes that is before the stock went down.

Bob Chapek

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