NEWS: Workers’ Lawsuit Against Disneyland Granted Class-Action Status

In 2019, five Disneyland employees filed a lawsuit arguing that their pay was below the legal requirement for the theme park.

Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland

Recently, there was a new development in this case.

According to the L.A. Times, five workers sued Disney in 2019 because of an alleged violation of Measure L, a law that requires all subsidized resorts in Anaheim to pay their workers a living wage. After a year and a half, the lawsuit is proceeding as a class-action case, with thousands of workers from Disneyland joining the suit.

Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland

The lawsuit argues that since Disney has been using funds that would normally be taxed to instead pay off construction bonds for the new Mickey and Friends garage, Disneyland is technically supported financially by the government and therefore must follow Measure L.

Mickey and Friends Garage

Meanwhile, Disney and the City of Anaheim argue that Disney is not subject to Measure L and that the lawsuit has no grounds. They claim that there’s no evidence of Disney being state-funded and that the parking garage is simply evidence of a partnership between Disney and the city.

We’re always keeping up with the latest Disney news and we’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

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