White Castle’s Virtual Kitchen Has Reopened in Orlando!

White Castle lovers now have a few more options in terms of how to get their favorite eats when in Orlando!

White Castle!

If you want to grab some sliders and other items from White Castle, you can stop by the record-setting location that has opened Orlando near Disney World. But, you can also grab some goodies to go from White Castle’s VIRTUAL kitchen located in another spot in Orlando!

According to Fox 35 Orlando, White Castle fans can now once again order from the restaurant chain’s ghost kitchen near downtown Orlando.

This ghost kitchen opened up back in February ahead of the opening of the stand-alone location. But, overwhelming demand caused the ghost kitchen to shut down after a few days!

White Castle Sliders

Now, however, the ghost kitchen is back up and running again! How does ordering from this ghost kitchen work? Well, you’ll want to visit the White Castle website (or app) and put in your zip code in Orlando. It’ll then show you some options and you’ll select to order from the Virtual Kitchen located at 18 North Dollins Ave, Orlando, Florida.

©White Castle

Here’s a peek at where this Virtual Kitchen is located. Note that there is a limit of 60 sliders per order.

©White Castle

You may then see a reminder from White Castle that these orders are for the 18 N. Dollins Avenue location. 

©White Castle

You’ll then place your order online and select your pickup time. Then, you’ll pick up your order from the ghost kitchen and you can take it home or wherever you want to eat it!

Time to Eat!

Keep in mind that you can still visit the regular White Castle located at 11595 Daryl Carter Pkwy. But, if you don’t want to head there, you can grab some favorites from the Virtual Kitchen instead!

What Would You Order?

According to GoogleMaps, the virtual kitchen is about 24 minutes away from Walt Disney World. The traditional castle (not the virtual kitchen) is about 7 minutes away. But, depending on where you might be during your vacation or what your plans are, you might find yourself closer to the virtual kitchen and hungry for some food. So, just keep in mind that picking up some sliders and more from the ghost kitchen is an option.

We’ll keep an eye out for more updates and let you know what we find!

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Have you ever had White Castle? Tell us your favorite item(s) to order there in the comments below!

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