Seven Marvel Characters That Fans Hate for No Real Reason

We all have our favorite Marvel characters and superheroes, but sometimes we just really hate some of them.


Granted, we have mixed feelings about various heroes and villains for good reason (ahem, John Walker).

However, when we asked our All Ears team about the Marvel characters they hate for apparently no good reason, we were actually SHOCKED at the answers!


Many of our team members had a pretty consistent consensus when it came to Clint Barton’s alter ego. Basically, there was the belief that he would be pretty useless in battle alongside super soldiers and literal gods. How would he REALLY take down big baddies like Thanos with just a bow and arrow??

Hawkeye – The Avengers

In his defense, though, he DOES become Ronin later on, with assassin skills to add to his Avengers resumé. Still, what happens when he runs out of bows and arrows? That sounds like a disaster just waiting to happen.

Black Widow

Although we are HYPED about the Black Widow film coming out later this summer, we have to admit Natasha Romanoff’s abilities are a bit lackluster. Yes, she can do martial arts. Yes, she is one of the most level-headed Avengers. Yes, she is mega stylish. BUT she doesn’t have any actual super powers either.


While there’s no doubt that she can swing a punch and roundhouse an enemy, she’s not much of a powerful force in a fight compared to the other Avengers.

Jane Foster

Jane Foster will return as the new Lady Thor soon, but we’re hoping that Marvel majorly revamps her character. If we’re honest, Jane’s personality is just super bland and kind of annoying, since many of the other Marvel leading ladies are AMAZING. She may be incredibly smart and slated to take up the Thor helm, but she just can never be as cool as her pal Darcy.


I mean, Darcy was just SO funny, Marvel brought her back for WandaVision (and we’re so thankful they did).


Some of our team members thought Vision was better as “J.A.R.V.I.S.” Others said he was a bit off because of the amount of CGI used on the character. But maybe the real reason a few fans aren’t into Vision as much is because he is a goody two shoes all the time! One of the reasons that Marvel heroes or villains really grown on us is that they have SUBSTANCE and character development.


We may have gotten a bit of a more in-depth side of Vision during WandaVision, but there still wasn’t a question of whether he would choose right or wrong. He always chose right, and sometimes we wish we could have seen Vision make detrimental mistakes.

Captain Marvel

We get that she may be one of the most powerful Avengers. Yet, Carol Danvers still hasn’t really captured our hearts as a character! Carol’s just got one of those dull personalities where you have a hard time rooting for her in general. Even when she saves the day in Avengers: Endgame time and time again, the excitement is pretty minimal compared to when Captain America finally says “Avengers, assemble.”


And if two words are more exciting than blowing up entire spaceships, that’s saying something.


We understand that Pietro’s death was a building block to add to Wanda’s character development. However, Avengers: Age of Ultron BARELY gave you any time to get to know him or love him. Instead, he was killed off super quickly. And then the whole Ralph Bohner thing happened in WandaVision, which was a pretty big let-down in the end.


After we had hopes and dreams that the Pietro we saw in Westview would actually be another version of the character in Marvel’s Multiverse, we still think that Quicksilver deserved better.

Wanda Maximoff

Before you get ready to step on your soap box, we’re specifically referring to the pre-WandaVision Wanda Maximoff. Prior to when she really came into her role as the Scarlet Witch, she was just overly pouty and angsty. Wanda felt super stagnant as a person, sucked into her own grief without much of a fluctuation. (But thank goodness that changed during WandaVision!)


Also, let’s just take a moment to ask where in the world did her accent go?!

Even though we all have our own opinions on Marvel characters, the universe is built of complex individuals that only make the films and shows that much better. Of course, we still secretly love all of the ones we put on this list, and we look forward to the introduction of brand NEW heroes and villains soon! And, you can stay tuned with All Ears for the latest Disney entertainment and news!

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Who is your least favorite Marvel character? Let us know in the comments below!

Rachel Franko has been going to Disney Parks since she was a baby, and her love of Disney has only grown into a SLIGHT obsession since! She's been writing for AllEars since 2019 and loves sharing the magic with all the readers. When she's not writing, you can catch her heading to Disney and Universal Studios with a heart full of dreams and a backpack full of themed ears!

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  1. Totally agree with Jane Foster. I also never bought her and Thor together. They don’t have chemistry.