PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Look Inside Universal Orlando’s NEW Jurassic World Tribute Store!

There’s a brand new tribute store in Universal Orlando, and it’s a dangerously good time!

VelociCoaster Tribute Store

Universal’s new ride Velocicoaster has already started its soft opening, and there are more ways to encounter the dinosaurs from Jurassic World over in Universal Studios at the new Jurassic World Tribute Store! We stopped by to check out the highly themed merchandise shop, so let’s check it out!

The Jurassic World Tribute Store opened this week and Universal has transformed the space into a shopping experience themed after the hit attraction for a limited time!

When you enter, you’ll walk into the Control Room, where scientists analyze dinosaur samples.

You can take a look at the control panel to keep up with everything happening on the island…

Control Room

…and, obviously, to keep track of the raptors and Indominus Rex.

Control Panel

You can take a look at the park map…

Control Panel

…park data (with a few references to past Jurassic Park films)…

Control Panel

…and even the DNA database.

Control Panel

The next room is the Raptor Paddock, where you’ll have your first encounter with the raptors hanging out on top of all the merchandise.

Raptor Paddock


While some of the raptors look ready to pounce…

These Raptors Don’t Look Too Friendly

…others seem a bit more friendly, like Blue!

What’s Up, Raptors?

A Floral Jurassic World collection was on the shelves at the Raptor Paddock with an entire array of accessories and apparel!

Floral Jurassic World Collection

The shelves are stocked with various shirts inspired by the film in gray for $35…

Floral Raptors Shirt

…white for $30…

Floral Raptors Shirt

…and yellow for $27!

Floral Raptors Shirt

During the hottest days in Universal Orlando, you can wear the Jurassic World Tank for $38…

Floral Raptors Tank

…or opt for the long sleeve in the cooler months for $35.

Floral Raptors Long Sleeve

You can also take home accessories like the Jurassic World Headband for $14…

Floral Raptors Headband

…or the Jurassic World Tote Bag for $30 to carry all your merchandise around the parks.

Floral Raptors Bag

After you leave the parks, though, you can take the scents of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World with you as you light themed candles in your home for $16.95 each!

Jurassic World Candles

If you’re lucky enough to make it out, you’ll head down the hallway…


…before you make it to the overgrown shopping area called The Laboratory.

The Lab

There’s not much left, but there are some pretty cool things in here!

Here you’ll find some rare props that were actually used in the original Jurassic Park movies!

Jurassic Park Props

You’ll be able to spot raptor eggs…

Raptor Eggs

…Dr. Alan Grant’s hat…

Dr. Alan’s Hat

…the Barbasol Cryo Can…

Look at All Those Dinosaur Props!

…and a whole lot more!

Movie Props

So, you’ll want to take the time to look around the area to see all the details!

If you’re a huge fan of the first set of Jurassic Park movies, you probably love the Mr. DNA character as much as we do. And, you can stock up on a whole bunch of merchandise inspired by the cartoon with a shirt for $27.

Mr. DNA Shirt

(Um, how cool is that design on the back?!)

Mr. DNA Shirt

There’s a raglan for $30…

Mr. DNA Raglan

…a mug for $15…

Mr. DNA Mug

…a zipper pouch for $26…

Mr. DNA Pouch

…a keychain for $14…

Mr. DNA Keychain

…a pin for $11…

Mr. DNA Pin

…a journal for $13…

Mr. DNA Journal

…a hat for $25…

Mr. DNA Hat

…and socks for $17!

Mr. DNA Socks

And, this gift shop ends with dessert!

You can pick up a bite to eat from four different kiosks all featuring Jurassic World-themed treats at the Gentle Giants Treat Room!

Gentle Giants Treat Room

Each of the spots are stocked full of either VelociCoaster themed items or Jurassic World treats…

Gentle Giants Menu

…with items like marshmallow pops, vegan brownie bars…

Gentle Giants Treats Bakery Case

…Dig in a Jars…

Gentle Giants Treats Bakery Case

…pistachio puffs…

Gentle Giants Treats Bakery Case

…candy apples…

Gentle Giants Treats Bakery Case


Gentle Giants Treats Bakery Case

…jumbo Oreo cookies…

Gentle Giants Treats Bakery Case

…s’mores, whoopie pies…

Gentle Giants Treats Bakery Case

There is also flavored fudge with options ranging from birthday cake, salted caramel…

Gentle Giants Treats Bakery Case

…chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate fudge…

Gentle Giants Treats Bakery Case

…to themed choices like blue camo and lava flow.

Gentle Giants Treats Bakery Case

You can also find Fossilized Amber similar to the top of John Hammond’s cane…

Fossilized Amber

…and an Egg Nursery that allows you to take home your own dinosaur!

Egg Nursery

How cool are these?!

The chocolate eggs can be cracked open to find a surprise dinosaur treat inside!

Egg Nursery

Of course, we had to adopt one!

Before you head out, don’t forget to say hi to this sweet guy!

What a Cutie!

As you’re exiting, you can find a bunch of attraction posters themed after Jurassic Park and Jurassic World…

Dinosaur Posters

…as well as John Hammond himself (well, the statue version, that is)!

John Hammond Statue

Here’s another look at the statue and posters!

Of course, we couldn’t help ourselves to a few treats like the whoopie pie…

Jurassic World Whoopie Pie

…and egg, so we could take a dinosaur home with us from the Jurassic World Tribute Store!

Jurassic World Egg

The Jurassic World Tribute Store won’t be around for too long, so be sure to head on over and explore the new space (if you dare!).

And, you can keep up with us for a look at everything new and exciting happening in Universal Orlando soon. Stay tuned with All Ears for more theme park news and updates!

VIDEO: Take a FULL Ride on Universal Orlando’s VelociCoaster!

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