Disney Just Released Hundreds of Pet Toys, Beds, and Accessories!

If there’s anything pet owners love, it’s to share the things they enjoy most with their furry friends. So when we spot anything and everything Disney related for pets, you know we are going to want to tell you ASAP!


Over 400 (yep, over four HUNDRED) new Disney pet products just launched over on chewy.com! If there’s a Disney toy you’ve always wanted to give to your cat or dog, now’s your chance to spoil them!

From classic Disney characters to Star Wars and Marvell, there’s a toy, bed, collar, or leash for every pet out there!

Finally, your pet can obsess over Baby Yoda as much as you! © Chewy

To be honest, we’re a little jealous that our pets can be decked out in all of these new Disney products. Do you love Buzz Lightyear? There’s a dog toy for that! Do you love Pluto? There are products for that, too!

Your cat or dog certainly has a friend in you when you spoil them with all of these Toy Story products! © Chewy

You can also find an assortment of Disney-inspired name tags that you can customize as well! Seriously, there’s just about everything under the sun in this new collection.

Your furry friend will be the happiest pet in the galaxy when you stock up on Star Wars toys! © Chewy

Seriously, this collection is just TOO massive to share in one fell swoop, so head on over to chewy.com to check out the entire collection and start shopping for your best friend today!

Looking to bring home a souvenir for your pet from Disney World? Click here to check out some of the latest dog t-shirts!

Does your pet have a Disney-inspired name? Give them a shout out in the comments below!

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One Reply to “Disney Just Released Hundreds of Pet Toys, Beds, and Accessories!”

  1. I have/had three dogs with Disney names – Lady (RIP), and now currently we have Princess Leia and Princess Belle