AllEars TV: Trapped In A Disney World Treehouse?!

Molly’s been trapped again — this time in one of Disney World’s most popular lands! To escape Adventureland she’ll have to mix up a new Dole Whip treat, climb a Treehouse, and…write an essay?

We’ll be sharing tips and trivia along the way as we see if Molly can complete the challenges, or if she’s doomed to live among the Skippers and Pirates forever.

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4 Replies to “AllEars TV: Trapped In A Disney World Treehouse?!”

  1. Also skipping time with Molly should be an episode where Molly has to skip everywhere she goes and sing lets go fly a kite from Mary Poppins.

  2. We also need to see episodes of all ears with Molly called Molly invades our vacation where she pick a family at random and has to spend the entire day following them around in the parks and riding what they want to ride and eating where they want to eat

  3. Molly should still make a 4 part epic movie about the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World the Movie Starring Molly. The world needs this epic movie.