The Three Caballeros Have Been Replaced by Cutouts in Disney World (No, Really)

This has been quite the year for Gran Fiesta Tour at EPCOT. Last summer, José Carioca mysteriously vanished, with nothing but an ominous bouquet of flowers in his place.

Gran Fiesta Tour

While we were relieved to see the band reunite shortly thereafter, only more trouble would plague our fine feathered friends.

More recently, a one Donald Fauntleroy Duck went missing and was replaced by…a literal plant. Wearing a sombrero. Since then, the fiery waterfowl has remained M.I.A., leaving many of us to wonder exactly what was going on at Gran Fiesta Tour.

Plant Donald

We’ve been keeping a close watch on Gran Fiesta Tour for any developments, and we finally have an update to provide! We hopped on the leisurely boat ride tucked in the back of the Mexico Pavilion today only to discover that all THREE of the Three Caballeros have been replaced!

Gran Fiesta Tour

Were they replaced by flowers, as was the case with José? Or were there now three sombrero-wearing plants on stage? Neither was the case! This time, all three animatronics were replaced by stationary cutouts! When they sing “the one, two, and three goes,” they really meant it this time. No bird was spared, and we find ourselves once again scratching our heads.

Gran Fiesta Tour

We also grabbed a video of the newest chapter in this ever-changing saga:

Will these cardboard cutouts stick around forever? Or are they just a temporary placeholder until the animatronics return? Whatever the case, we will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest news out of EPCOT as we learn more!

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Have you ever been on Gran Fiesta Tour in EPCOT? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “The Three Caballeros Have Been Replaced by Cutouts in Disney World (No, Really)”

  1. This is terrible! Grand Fiesta is my favorite ride in Epcot and one of my overall favorites in WDW. I really hope this is temporary; I want to the animatronics back but at worst, return the animation. It’s got to be saved and easy to put back.