Show Your Hogwarts House Pride With These NEW Harry Potter Backpacks!

There’s no question that accessorizing to match your Hogwarts House is a fun thing to do. Luckily, there’s always plenty of designs to do so!

Hogsmeade in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Well, we’re in luck because Danielle Nicole Handbags just released some great Harry Potter-themed backpacks that are perfect for park days!

Regardless of how the Sorting Hat placed you, these backpacks have something to offer. If you’re ready to represent Gryffindor, there’s the Gryffindor Stained Glass Backpack.

©DISNEY | Danielle Nicole

Ravenclaws can unite with the fun design of the Ravenclaw Stained Glass Backpack. 

©DISNEY | Danielle Nicole

Cunning and determined Slytherins can accessorize with The Slytherin Stained Glass Backpack.

©DISNEY | Danielle Nicole

Are you a Hufflepuff? Show your house pride with the Hufflepuff Stained Glass Backpack.

©DISNEY | Danielle Nicole

It’s not hard to picture these stained glass designs decorating the windows of The Great Hall.  If you can’t wait to show off this style on your next trip to The Wizarding World, you can find the available to pre-order for $78 each on Danielle Nicole’s website.

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Will these bags be the new home to your park-day essentials? Tell us in the comments!

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