Disney Fan Starter Pack

When you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you. If while reading that you immediately hear Jiminy Cricket’s voice then you are probably already a diehard Disney fan.


If you didn’t immediately hear your conscience’s voice, don’t worry.

We have a list of everything you need to dive head first into your emerging Disney fandom.

Disney Content

First thing you will need to build that Disney base to your fanaticism is a healthy dose of Disney content. There is no better way to learn about all the most obscure Disney films than with Disney+. Disney+ is the streaming service that has almost every Disney movie and many of the TV series. You can relive your childhood with all of the Disney Channel Original Movies and Disney Afternoon animated series. We recommend working your way through the animated Disney films. Just wait until you get to the dark 80’s era.

Disney Board Games

While you’re working your way through the Disney back catalog of films, there is no better way to spend your time than playing some Disney board games. There are tons of different ones out there, including Disney versions of most major board games. Two of our favorite Disney board games are Disney Code Names and Villainous. Disney Code Names is a great game for most ages where you use one word clues to get your team to guess specific Disney characters.


Villainous is a game for a slightly older crowd. In Villainous you play as one of the classic Disney villains trying to beat your respective hero. The other players play the hero cards against you to thwart your evil scheme. There are even a few expansions and a Marvel version.


Disney Masks

Face masks have become a part over everyday life, especially if you intend on going to Walt Disney World. Face masks are a great opportunity to add some more Disney to our outfits. ShopDisney has a great selection of some Disney themed masks including Marvel and Star Wars ones.


Disney Backpack

Another accessory that no Disney fan is complete without is a Disney backpack or purse. A great go-to for a Disney bag is anything from Loungefly. They make all kinds of Disney bags including Pixar, classic animated films, and even Star Wars. One of our favorites is the Minnie Mouse Sequined Mini Backpack in rose gold. Rose Gold was the first massively viral color trend in the Parks, and it’s still just as pretty as ever.


Minnie/Mickey/etc. Ears

When heading to the Parks you aren’t properly dressed without a set of Mickey or Minnie ears. There are hundreds of different designs to go with every look. You may even see some fans in the parks with Oswald rabbit ears. Definitely pick up a set of ears before heading to the Parks.


Disney Style

If you aren’t just looking for an accessory to add to an outfit, but a full Disney outfit there are tons of great Disney shirts that you can wear in your everyday life. There are some great shirt options on shopDisney for both men and women. These are some great ways to show everyone the depths of your Disney fandom — especially if you are headed to the Parks. Of course, some of us also just dress that way in regular life.


If you’ve been to Disney World or Disneyland in the last few years then you may have heard about Spirit Jerseys. If not, Spirit Jerseys are lightweight sweatshirts that have a word or message written across the back shoulders. There are Spirit Jerseys celebrating everything from Star Wars to Toy Story. One of the newest styles is a part of the Ink & Paint Collection.


Disney Pins

One of the Disney Parks traditions that many diehard Disney fans participate in is Pin Trading. Enamel collectible pins have been a fan favorite at Disney Parks for decades. No matter what shape your Disney fandom takes, there is a Disney pin for you. Throughout the Parks there are different Pin Trading locations and stands that sell the pins. Many Cast Members even have a lanyard with Disney pins on them and will trade up to two pins per guest. The Pin Trading Messenger Bag is a great way to store and display your pin collection.


(Note: Pin Trading looks a little different these days, but you’ll still find pin boards and be able to trade!)

Disney Knick Knacks

Do you have shelves all over your home just begging for some Disney knick knacks? Or a desk at work that could use a little jazzing up? Funko Pop! figures are a great option to add some character to an otherwise boring piece of furniture or workspace. And of course Funko has made almost every Disney character imaginable, including the fan favorite The Child (Baby Yoda) from The Mandalorian. Starting a giant Funko collection is an easy way to get your Disney fan membership card.


Disney Snacks

After watching every Disney movie, converting your entire wardrobe to Disney, and filling your house with Disney items there is no better way to add to your Disney love than with the taste of Disney. Many people go to the Disney Parks just for the food (some days that’s us), but when you leave it can be heartbreaking to know you won’t get that flavor at home. However there are a few Disney treats you can bring home, like the iconic Disney Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars. They may just be simple vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate, but when they get Mickey shaped they reach a new level of delicious.


Another great taste you can take home is the fan favorite Joffrey’s Coffee. The Disney Specialty Coffees from Joffrey’s are available on their website. There are flavors for most of the restaurants in the Disney parks. These are a great way to start each day with the taste of Disney.


There are tons of other ways you can show that you are a Disney fan. These are just a few the ways we got started down the rabbit hole. You could even get a Disney tattoo.

How do you show or your Disney fanaticism everyday? Let us know in the comments.

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