Everybody’s Gonna Want This Aristocats-Inspired Disney Recipe in Their Life!

Everybody wants to be a cat, especially if it means you get to snack on this tasty Disney-inspired treat!

Aristocats Wall Art

While we’ve been snacking our way around Disney World, now you can make a breakfast or dessert that’s the “cat’s meow,” thanks to Disney Family!

The Aristocats Donuts feature Berlioz, Toulouse, and Marie looking as sweet as ever with chocolate, fondant, and MORE. And, you only need four ingredients to make the recipe (less time to make, more time to snack), so let’s get baking!



  • 3 Donuts
  • ¼ cup Fondant
  • 1 cup Royal icing, divided into ⅓ cups
  • Black, blue, red, orange, and pink food coloring


1) Dye ⅓ cup royal icing orange and ⅓ cup gray. Reserve the last ⅓ cup undyed, white royal icing. Each donut will use about 1/3 cup icing.

2) Place donuts on a cooling rack over a sheet pan. Pour ⅓ cup of the white icing to cover one of the donuts completely. Repeat with the orange and gray icings for the other two donuts. Set aside to let icing dry a little.


3) Divide the fondant into 6 teaspoon-size portions. Dye five of the portions the following colors: gray, orange, pink, black, red, and blue. Leave the last portion of fondant undyed and white.

4) Make the ears: With the gray, white and orange fondant, form little triangles to resemble ears. You will want two ears of each color. For each ear, make a smaller triangle out of pink fondant. Press the smaller pink triangles in each of the larger triangles.


5) Make the eyes: With the blue fondant, form six small, flat oval shapes to resemble eyes.

6) Make the noses: Form two small ovals out of the black fondant. These will be the Toulouse’s and Berlioz’s noses. Form a small oval out of the pink fondant. This will be Marie’s nose.

7) Make the whiskers: With the black fondant, form very small tube-like shapes for the whiskers. You will want to make six whiskers for each donut, so 18 whiskers total.

8) Make the bows: Make small bows out of the red, blue and pink fondant pieces.


9) Place fondant features on donuts to form Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz. Marie has white ears, a pink bowl between her ears, blue eyes, a pink nose and black whiskers. Toulouse has orange ears, blue eyes, a black nose, a blue bow beneath his nose and black whiskers. Berlioz has gray ears, blue eyes, a black nose, a red bow beneath his nose and black whisters.

10) Set aside to let icing dry completely.


After seeing how adorable these Aristocats Donuts turned out, we’re going to try our own hand at making them!

These are the best snacks you can get in each of the parks right now in Disney World!

What’s your favorite treat to eat when you’re visiting the parks? Let us know in the comments below!

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