Here’s What Shopping Is Like at the Reopened Retail Locations at Disney World’s Disney Springs!

Disney Springs has officially reopened some of its stores and restaurants today!

Disney Springs! It feels good to be back!

While Disney-owned locations won’t be welcoming guests until May 27th, there are still plenty of spots to see currently. While we’ve been visiting and taking you with us LIVE, we’ve shown you parking, temperature checks, and more!

And, now we’re giving you a guide on what we’re seeing at some of the retail locations that are currently open in Disney Springs and their new health and safety protocols.

Disney Springs

Outdoor Queues for Limited Capacity

These new protocols can be seen before guests even enter the store. Here, we can see that stores had queues set up outside the entrance to limit the amount of people in the store itself, like Vera Bradley.

The queue outside Vera Bradley

Stores like Basin, which have always implemented a high level of testing and sampling, have modified these experiences to make sure that testing is done with single-use sticks.

Inside Basin

While their sampling sink was still open, this was an area where they were implementing single-use sticks for sampling products.

Basin Sampling Sink

Entering other stores like Uniqlo, we noticed that online pick-up is also available for guests who want to shop, but don’t want to spend as much time inside the store itself (and limit the amount of customers inside).

Online Pick Up at Uniqlo

Store Signage

Stores like Vera Bradley had signage just outside the shop as you enter. Signage outlined the major health and safety precautions they are taking to keep guests and employees safe.

Vera Bradley

Inside stores like Crystal Arts by Arribas Bros., we saw similar signage informing guests of the new health and safety protocols, including physical distancing.

Crystal Arts set up signage in the store to remind guests of the new health & safety protocol

Crystal Arts had additional signage encouraging guests to limit the amount of times they were handling a product.

Additional signage at Crystal Arts to limit the amount of times guests are handling merchandise

Uniqlo also had ample signage reminding guests about the safety protocols, including physical distancing, limited capacity, and encouraging guest to use mobile checkout and self-bagging.


Uniqlo’s signage came in a couple of different forms throughout the store. Standing signs like this that prominently feature physical distancing can be found near the start of checkout lines and other areas where crowds may form.


Anthropologie also had signage as soon as you walked into the store, outlining the new protocol.


In-Store Shopping Experience

We did spot stores like Basin selling products such as hand sanitizer.

Premium Hand Sanitizer for sale in Basin

And inside Vera Bradley, we found face masks being sold at $8 per mask. This is currently the only retailer at Disney Springs we saw selling face masks.

Face masks being sold at Vera Bradley

Indoor Physical Distancing Markers

When you have all your items and it’s time to check out, the health and safety measures continue. At Ron Jon Surf Shop, signs were present upon entering the line for the registers. Ron Jon is also one of the shops at Disney Springs currently not accepting cash as a form of payment.

Signage at the beginning of checkout lines at Ron Jon Surf Shop

Physical distancing was also encouraged by markers on the floor.  Here, guests are told to stand ON the marker. This is in contrast to the larger markers outdoors throughout Disney Springs, where guests are told not to stand on the markers.

Physical distancing markers on the floor at checkout

These markers are most commonly seen when guests line up for check out.

Guests in line for checkout at Basin, with physical distancing markers on the floor

Versions of these markers were seen at several retail locations.

Physical distancing markers on the floor at checkout

Checking Out

Once you reach the actual registers, stores have installed plexiglass shields to protect both guests and employees. We took note of these inside Anthropologie.

Plexiglass shields at the registers at Anthropologie

In addition, it appears as though employees are keeping safe physical distancing when possible during the checkout process.


Although each store had their own individual way of conducting its health and safety protocols, we found that many of them implemented them well.

Stay tuned, as we will continue to keep you updated with more stores at they reopen!

Take a look at everything we experienced on the first day back at Disney Springs!

Will you be visiting Disney Springs now that it has reopened? Let us know in the comments below!

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