There Are Some Surprising Picks for the Final 8 in Our Disney Extinct Attractions Throwdown!

From Disney World attractions to Disney movies and even Disney songs, we’ve been taking hosting some AllEars Throwdowns to see what Disney favorites would reign supreme.


Last week, we began the AllEars Disney World Extinct Attractions Throwdown, and we’re not going to lie — there have been some REAL surprises so far!

AllEars readers have voted on the match ups on the AllEars Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Round Three for Magic Kingdom and Epcot ended yesterday night, so let’s take a look at the bracket!

AllEars Disney World Extinct Attractions Bracket

Your final four from the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Brackets are:

Wishes vs Main Street Electrical Parade

It’s a match-up in entertainment! Wishes will be going up against Main Street Electrical Parade, claiming their spots as the final two to make it out of the Magic Kingdom bracket! Which one do you think will win?

Main Street Electrical Parade

Soarin’ Over California vs Original Test Track

Dear readers, this one surprised us for a multitude of reasons. We think it’s fair to say that, because it has changed so much over the years, the Epcot‘ bracket was a stacked one to begin with. But many were surprised to see Soarin’ Over California and the original Test Track emerge as the final two from the bracket, beating out favorites such as  Illuminations, Maelstrom, and Horizons.

Soarin’ Over California ©Disney

Here’s the rest of our schedule for match ups!

  • May 5th — Final 8 Match Up
  • May 6th — Final 4 Match Up
  • May 7th — Championship Match Up
  • May 8th — Winner Announced!

Round Three for Hollywood Studios, as well as Animal Kingdom & Beyond is still ongoing, so head over to the AllEars Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to vote!

What has been the most shocking upset so far for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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One Reply to “There Are Some Surprising Picks for the Final 8 in Our Disney Extinct Attractions Throwdown!”

  1. I may be an old crusty Disney guy…
    OK, there’s no “may” about it.
    But I get a strong feeling from these results that many voters haven’t experienced most of the attractions they’re voting for and against. The winners tend to be both more recent and variations of existing stuff.
    *wanders off to grumble about the glory of original EPCOT animatronics and chase kids off the lawn*