The AllEars Disney Movie Throwdown Reaches Its EPIC Conclusion!

It’s been a long battle, folks. 64 Disney Movies entered, but only one will come out on top. It’s time for the Championship Match of the All Ears Disney Movie Throwdown!


In a fitting twist, our final entrants are from our two Disney Animated Brackets, with Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King facing off tooth and claw in the BATTLE OF THE BEASTS! You can cast your votes on Facebook and Instagram!

Beauty and the Beast is repping the Pre-’94 films, this 1991 classic comes in at 81 minutes, and was the first Disney film EVER to use 3D Rendering. Many fans argue that Belle and the Beast are one of the most iconic Disney couples of all time. Beast bucks the trend of being a prince charming, making him one of the most iconic Disney Princes of all time. Meanwhile, Belle was pushing against the trend of Princesses being passive and helpless long before Elsa told Anna not to marry someone she just met.

The iconic ballroom scene is one of the first-ever 3D Rendered environments used in a Disney film. ©Disney

Meanwhile, The Lion King, coming in at 88 minutes, is the first-ever Disney movie to feature an original storyline… comparisons to Hamlet not withstanding.


Which film will reign supreme? YOU DECIDE! Cast your vote TONIGHT on social media, and don’t forget to follow us!

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Austin Lang is an Orlando local with a love of Disney, puns, and Disney puns. He's been a contributing writer for AllEars since 2019, and has been sharing his quirky view of Disney life ever since.

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