Check Out This Bird’s-Eye View of a Deserted Disneyland

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Have you been wondering what it looks like in Disneyland with no guests, Cast Members, or activity? It’s difficult to imagine, since we typically think of Disneyland as bustling with activity!

Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure

Well luckily for us, now we have a peek into what a vacant Disneyland looks like — and it’s definitely giving us some eerie vibes.

Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure have been closed since Saturday, March 14thThis is, by far, the longest closure the park has experienced in its nearly 65-year history. We got a glimpse of what the shuttered parks look like from the outside when Downtown Disney was still open, but our views were limited to what we could see from the closed gates.

Disneyland Entrance

This left us wondering: what does a completely empty Disneyland look like? Well, we now have a bird’s eye view into the deserted parks. The U.S. Sun released a video with aerial views of both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure. The first image shows the empty Disneyland entrance. Even though we’ve seen the park from the outside, getting a wider view of the abandoned space puts things into perspective. The area which is usually teeming with excited guests is now totally clear.

©The U.S. Sun

Next, let’s move down to Main Street, U.S.A. Just a few weeks ago, you would have seen guests filing into the Emporium to pick up a souvenir, heading out of Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe with a snack in hand, and snapping pictures of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Seeing Main Street, U.S.A. empty and quiet gives us chills.

©The U.S. Sun

The rest of the images in the video focus on Disney California Adventure, so let’s move on to the Pixar Pal-A-Round. Guests can typically expect to see the wheel slowing spinning with gondolas swinging back and forth. Now, we can see the ride at a standstill.

©The U.S. Sun

As the camera pans out farther, we see a wider view of an empty Disney California Adventure. It’s strange to see attractions like the Incredicoaster not in motion.

©The U.S. Sun

Here’s a view of Pixar Pier from another angle. Across Paradise Bay, it’s strange to see the World of Color viewing area empty when we’re used to being packed in, shoulder-to-shoulder.

©The U.S. Sun

As the camera pans out even more, we can also see Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel in the bottom right corner, which is also closed. While the buildings and trees make it difficult to see the lack of crowds at the hotel, the one giveaway is the empty pool.

©The U.S. Sun

Finally, we’ll end on the widest shot provided in the video. The deserted parks, motionless attractions, and empty parking lots definitely make for an eerie image.

©The U.S. Sun

A few months ago, we never would have expected to see Disneyland looking like a ghost town. But given the unprecedented situation, we’re glad to see that social distancing is being taken seriously. Everyone stay safe and hopefully we’ll see you in the parks soon!

What area of Disneyland do you think is the most shocking to see empty? Let us know in the comments!

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