Here Are All the Disney World Price Increases We Saw Today!

Nothing like a bunch of Disney World price increases on a nice Tuesday morning!

Expedition Everest

Today, Disney World rolled out a whole slew of price increases on many of their Annual Pass offerings as well as on their Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus ticket options. So, we’ve rounded up all the info!

Annual Passes

Many of the Annual Pass tiers for Disney World have seen some pretty significant price increases ranging from $15 to $76. Whew!

Passholder Magnet

Non-Florida Resident Annual Passes

The most significant price increase today was on Non-Florida Resident Annual Passes. You guessed it, these are the $76 ones.

  • Platinum Pass up from $1,119 to $1,195
  • Platinum Plus Pass up from $1,219 to $1,295

Florida Resident and Disney Vacation Club Annual Passes

Many of the Florida Resident and DVC Annual Passes saw price increases too, however, there were some that didn’t. The tiers that did see changes include:

  • Gold Pass up from $699 to $719
  • Silver Pass up from $519 to $539
  • Weekday Select Pass up from $349 to $369
  • Epcot After 4 Pass up from $304 to $319

The tiers that did not see changes were as follows:

  • Florida Resident/DVC Platinum Plus Pass remains $999
  • Florida Resident/DVC Platinum Pass remains $899
  • Theme Park Select Pass remains $439
Annual Passholder Logo ©Disney

Park Hopper Ticket Option

In addition to Annual Passes, we also saw a uniform price increase of $5 across all of the Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus ticket options.

Park Hopper

Five dollars per day to get Park Hopper can certainly add up during a multi-day vacation.

  • Park Hoppers per ticket for 1-day tickets up from $60 to $65
  • Park Hoppers per ticket for 2 to 3-day tickets up from $70 to $75
  • Park Hoppers per ticket for 4 to 10-day tickets up from $80 to $85

Park Hopper Plus

Park Hopper Plus saw a similar price increase too.

  • Park Hoppers Plus per ticket for 1-day tickets up from $80 to $85
  • Park Hoppers Plus per ticket for 2 to 3-day tickets up from $90 to $95
  • Park Hoppers Plus per ticket for 4 to 10-day tickets up from $100 to $105
Tower of Terror

And that’s all of the Disney World price increases we’ve noticed today! So, if you’re planning a Disney trip, don’t be caught unawares.

Are you upset by the price increases at Disney or do you think they’re fair? Tell us in the comments!

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16 Replies to “Here Are All the Disney World Price Increases We Saw Today!”

  1. I understand that Disney is trying to control the crowds by increasing the prices. Which is not working. I am a Florida resident and have had annual passes for many years. Not only are the parks overloaded everyday but the type of people that the price is bringing in are the people that think only of themselves, that they are the chosen and don’t be in their way. It’s certainly not a relaxing place. Just talk to people in the lines they are not happy.

  2. I have to decide to renew or not and frankly, I’m almost leaning to not renew. We were there Feb 8 and the crowds were unreal. The crowd for the first fireworks went from the castle jam packed to the train station. In all my years as a pass holder, I have never seen this! The wait for the monorail was at 2 hours including the resort trains. Disney obviously is upping the entry numbers to unreasonable. The $500+ is just not worth it. We couldn’t even get into Animal a kingdom Sunday, the parking lot was FULL.

  3. Walt is probably rolling ! Yes inflation continues, but this is ridiculous! Our last annual passes expired Dec 2019. We got those passes from a special discount sent out at the end of 2017 for 2018. It was wonderful. Now the prices have jumped and there’s no special offers coming. Sad.
    May stay on property and do unDisney things next trip!

  4. Purchased four annual passes two weeks ago, saved approximately $300.00. Hopefully these new prices will last for a couple years (wishful thinking). Oh well, looking forward to making more magical memories in the year to come.

  5. I had to cancel my vacation planned for November of this year due to cost & was hoping to go in November of 2022 ( it takes that long to save up anymore). I love Disney but i feel like they are pushing the ” average” blue collar worker out or at least making you only vacation every few years. What happened to the parks being designed for families to enjoy together? Don’t they have enough Billions of dollars?

  6. Ouch. My wife and I have Annual Passes which we routinely renew. The current AP’s expire at the very end of February (when our upcoming trip to WDW ends), and with this upcoming visit, we will have flown to WDW for 5 visits in last 12 months, always staying and eating on-property for about a week each trip. With the latest price increases, which are in more areas than just AP’s, we had been debating whether or not to renew our passes. This settled it. We have just booked 2 other trips this year, neither to WDW, and are working on others, also not to Disney locations. Yes, we really love WDW, but this is getting to be too much. After the upcoming WDW trip, we’ll see ya–just not real soon.

  7. Too bad there’s no notice of a pending increase. We are going in April and we’re gonna buy tix next week (my next payday…). Today’s increases will result in an extra $300 out of pocket for me and the family!

  8. At some point the various ticket offerings are just going to be too high for the family of 3, 4 or more to be able to enjoy the Kingdom. We may already be there. If it was just tickets but it is rooms, food, beverages, and Disney merchandise. Families need a second mortgage to make this happen and this was never Walt’s plan. The time is coming when WDW attendance is going to fall way off because most people will be priced out of the opportunity to go.

    1. They seem to be trying to push the boundaries and see who ALL they can phase out. It’s insane to me. They increase one month and then think….well that didn’t go so bad, let’s do it again. Frog in the boiling water theory I believe. Until people stop finding a way to make it happen, this is going to be the future of Disney. I was phased out long ago from my 2 trips a year to maybe one every other…IF that.

    2. This is basic capitalism/economics. You increase the price until demand (park attendance) becomes less than the supply (park capacity). Any notion of “Walt’s vision” is long gone. As long as the parks remain full, the prices will keep going up. And remember, in the US there are micro-economies (E.g., New York, California) where a $500/night hotel room is a bargain when you live in a multi-million dollar home. If fewer people from Iowa visit WDW, there are plenty of Bostonians ready to take their place.

      As for me, I have dropped my annual pass this year, so Disney is free to raise prices “to infinity and beyond” if they wish.

      1. Passes expire May 12th, we will plan 1 more trip this year before they expire. Went 3 times so far but we are not renewing just not worth it. We can afford the increase but sooner or latter you just get annoyed at the constant increases. Everything is just to expensive food lodging merch everything it just feels like micky has his hand in my pocket. We will still go but basicaly once a year say a 2 week stay thru costco and stay at the Swan Dolphin. Possibly our friends are correct and we need to go other places for vacations. We are the people Disney cant afford to start loosing. Plenty of disposable income but decide to look else where to spend it.