Disney World Will Host Its First Ever eSports Tournament This Summer!

eSports are huge right now! From the hype of the Overwatch League to the legendary battles at EVO, competitors leverage incredible skill, coordination, and insight to push their chosen game to the absolute limit.

We’ve come a long way from LAN Parties in dim rooms and split screen tournaments. ©EGF

Now Disney, in partnership with the Electronic Gaming Federation, is bringing the madness of eSports to ESPN’S Wide World of Sports with the first ever Walt Disney World EGF High School National Championship!

The Electronic Gaming Federation is a High School and Collegiate level league that holds tournaments for eSports teams around the country. In this tournament, set to take place at The Arena at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports, teams will compete for the title of national championships in three wildly different games.

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

In Overwatch, players take control of colorful heroes and villains armed with futuristic technology and amazing powers, in a team-based point capture shooter. Whether they’re defending their base from the enemy, trying to push a payload to the enemy goal, or fighting for control of a contested point, the teams will have to use all of their stylish and spectacular skills to stay ahead. Watch out, however, as a single strategically used ultimate ability could quickly turn the tides of a match.

Overwatch ©Blizzard Entertainment

Rocket League is high speed soccer played with souped up cars. Players have to drive on walls, boost themselves into the air, and compete to launch one highly explosive sphere into the enemy goal. It’s a game of incredible dexterity, skill, and intense action!

Rocket League ©Psyonix

Super Smash Bros. started as a silly party game, but has evolved into one of the most beloved fighting game franchises of all time! Starring characters from across Nintendo’s library and beyond, players compete to send their opponents flying off the stage with wacky abilities. Swords? Sure! Super Soakers that shoot ink? Alright! An ENTIRE TREE? Just how we roll here in Smashville! They didn’t specify which Super Smash Bros. would be represented, leaving the possibility open for the newest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (featuring more characters than Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame COMBINED), or the mainstay Super Smash Bros. Melee (beloved for its unique, if unintended physics). Either way, it’ll be a smashing good time!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate ©Nintendo

The new tournament will be held from June 12the through June 14th. Not a lot of information is up yet, but you can find more details here!

Is your team set to compete? Let us know in the comments!

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