Grand Floridian’s Mizner’s Lounge to be Expanded and Re-Themed to a Beauty and the Beast Lounge

The Grand Floridian’s Mizner’s Lounge closed for refurbishment last week;  now Disney has announced in addition to expanding the lounge it will be re-themed to a Beauty and the Beast inspired location.

Grand Floridian’s Mizner’s Lounge Re-Theme to Beauty and the Beast Inspired Location Concept Art ©Disney

The newly expanded lounge will be home to four spaces inspired by the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast.

The signature bar (concept art above) will feature a gold chandelier inspired by Belle’s ballgown. The chandelier’s shape will include a subtle reference to the Beast’s magical rose. The formal library will showcase classical baroque designs and French furnishings inspired by Belle, with hints of Beast’s friends.

A garden room will be inspired by the enchanted forest that surrounds Beast’s castle and be a whimsical place. Lastly, there will be an outdoor patio that will remind you of Beast’s garden terrace.

The newly expanded and re-themed Lounge will open this fall. Learn about the refurbishment and temporary pop-up bar open during the refurbishment here.

Are you a Mizner’s Lounge fan? Are you looking forward to this re-theme and expansion? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 Replies to “Grand Floridian’s Mizner’s Lounge to be Expanded and Re-Themed to a Beauty and the Beast Lounge”

  1. Mizner’s was one of the main reasons I choose to stay at Grand Floridian. At the end of each day perfect spot to unwind and has such a classic feel.
    At night we enjoyed sitting at the bar. Sheila was a hoot to talk with! Too bad this is changing so drastically.

  2. This is the kind of thing that makes my blood boil, and as a fellow die-hard Mizner’s fan it’s just too much. Some of my happiest moments have been spent enjoying a Sidecar, listening (and occasionally dancing!) to the GFSO playing “Clementine” or “Because My Baby Don’t Mean Maybe Now.” I was almost onboard until they announced it would be another “themed” bar. They need to get off this kick where everything is themed to an IP. It’s as if they’re terrified of having a standalone bar/restaurant/attraction. As previous commenters have mentioned, Disney just can’t leave anything alone. It goes along with the way they turned fabulous Artists Point into another character meal. The adult spaces have dwindled to such a low percentage it’s frustrating. Gone is my sanctuary.

  3. I can stomach a lot of the recent changes, but I’m I die hard Mizner’s fan and this one breaks my heart. I loved sitting, looking out the window, sipping on a bourbon, and listening to the Grand Flo Society Orchestra.

  4. Love how Disney always looks to tinker, always looks forward and doesn’t settle. That being said, some things have bothered me over the years. Main St. Bakehouse becomes a static Starbucks, no immediate plan for Mickey’s Backyard BBQ closing, disappointing Flying Fish remodel and menu and now the retheming of one of my favorite places to “relax” on property. The themed/kid-friendly versus adult escape breaks down appropriately to like 95% to 5%. Please don’t mess anymore with the few remaining adult gems we have left!