A Guide to Mickey’s Mix Magic Viewing Locations

Did you know that the new Mickey’s Mix Magic show at Disneyland can be viewed from multiple locations around the park?  Let’s take a look.

Mickey’s Mix Magic

If you’re not familiar with Mickey’s Mix Magic… it’s a celebration of Mickey and Minnie during their 90th birthday “Get Your Ears On” celebration.  The music features dance mixes of some favorite Disney tunes as well as the “It’s a Good Time” song written especially for “Get Your Ears On.”  During the week Mickey’s Mix Magic is projections only, generally two shows a night.  On Friday-Sunday there’s only one show per night, but fireworks are added.

Mickey’s Mix Magic with Fireworks

The classic location for watching any Disneyland fireworks/projection show is from Main Street U.S.A.  For Mickey’s Mix Magic, the projections are on both sides of the Main Street shops.

Mickey’s Mix Magic on Main Street, USA

There are also projections on Sleeping Beauty Castle, but it’s surrounded by construction walls and scrim right now.  Still, the projections on the scrim are of good quality – projecting on a flat surface helps.  But the construction walls block the view lower down.

Mickey’s Mix Magic on Sleeping Beauty Castle

I think that the best view of the projections is on the facade of “it’s a small world”.  It’s the largest single “canvas” for the show, so there are a lot more details visible.  Plus, unlike Main Street, you’re far enough away that you have a wider field of vision and are able to see a lot more.

Mickey’s Mix Magic on “it’s a small world”

Here’s the full projection sequence on the facade of “it’s a small world”.

Now that Fantasmic! has reopened after refurbishment, the projections are also being shown on the water mist screens on the Rivers of America.  If you have a good view of the center mist screen, as my friend Jason “Disneygeek” did, then there’s decent viewing of the fireworks, also.  (Jason was able to move right down to the water level when the first Fantasmic! show was over, since a lot of people left instead of staying for Mix Magic.)

Mickey’s Mix Magic on Rivers of America

The viewing experience is slightly different at every location even though the basic scenes are the same.  Here’s the same segment from Main Street, “it’s a small world” and the Rivers of America.  Similar, but not quite the same.

From Main Street USA
From “it’s a small world”
From Rivers of America

My experience has been that there are fewer people by “it’s a small world”, so if you want to actually dance (and a lot of kids seem to enjoy doing that during this particular show), then that’s the place to go.  The crowd is more spread out there.

Have you seen Mickey’s Mix Magic at Disneyland?  Do you have a recommended viewing location?  Share it with others by leaving a comment!

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