Chase VIP Lounge takes guests inside American Adventure Parlor during Epcot Food & Wine Festival


This year, some guests at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival have the opportunity to step into one of Walt Disney World’s private party spaces — free of charge.


The Chase VIP Lounge has moved from the Festival Center in 2012 to the American Adventure Parlor this year, and it is open to all Chase card members. Each card member may bring as many as nine guests. To access the space, there is a queue in front of the building, slightly to the right, where you can present your card.


A cast member told me the lounge can accommodate 100 people. When capacity is reached, they let in guests as others exit. Those wishing to burn off some of the calories they have consumed at the festival can choose to climb stairs to the third floor, while the rest of us opt for the elevator.


Upstairs, you’ll be greeted by another cast member who will explain that complimentary drinks are available to the right in the Thomas Jefferson Dining Room. My family and I were excited to see two Coca-Cola Freestyle machines plus regular and decaffinated coffee, and guests are invited to drink to their heart’s content. Beer and wine also are available for purchase.



This room typically is rented for intimate wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners and farewell brunches. The dining room, which is reminiscent of Monticello during the late 1700s, can seat 50 guests. The main focal point of the area is a large curio cabinet filled with fine china and period artifacts.





Moving out of the Thomas Jefferson Dining Room and to the left of the elevators is the colonial-style Main Living Room. It features comfortable couches, antique furniture and two cozy fireplaces. While the space functions as part of the Chase VIP Lounge, it offers guests two charging stations for a variety of mobile devices, Disney-themed board games and televisions. For weddings, the space typically is where guests would enjoy cocktails and appetizers. Beautifully appointed bathrooms are available at the far end of the space.




The Main Living Room boasts sweeping views of World Showcase Lagoon and the America Gardens Theatre, where the Eat to the Beat concerts take place. Disney Chase card members are offered preferred seating at the concerts or all Chase card members can get preferred viewing of Illuminations: Reflections of Earth fireworks, while wristbands are available. When I stopped by the lounge at 2 p.m. Sunday on the festival’s opening weekend, only seating for the first concert was unavailable. There were plenty of wristbands available for the fireworks area, which is a roped off area in front of the Italy pavilion, on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.


The Chase VIP Lounge is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday. It stays open until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Like to see “hidden spaces” at Walt Disney World? Take my photo tours of other private lounges: Living Seas Salon and Siemens VIP Center.

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17 Replies to “Chase VIP Lounge takes guests inside American Adventure Parlor during Epcot Food & Wine Festival”

  1. I see that these are special things for Chase cardholders during the Food and Wine Festival, but are there special things during the rest of the year? I know about a picture opportunity, but is there anything else? We’re going in January, and I’ve thought about getting a Chase Disney card, but I didn’t know if it was worth it for just a special photo op. I love this site — thanks for all the information!

    KRISTIN: Disney Chase card members also get 10 percent off $50 or more in merchandise purchases at Walt Disney World and free shipping on purchases of $75 or more at

  2. We were there opening weekend. My wife uses a scooter, of course the elevator was broke! She did not get to use the lounge as she can no longer negotiate stairs. What a disappointment!

  3. Are only Chase Card Holders given wristbands for Illuminations or everyone in your party. As I know you can have up to 9 additional people in the Chase Lounge with the Card holder. I was wondering if it was the same for the Illuminations wristband. Since we will be there this Saturday with some friends that are not Chase Card Holders.

    KRISTIN: Everyone in the party can get the wristbands, though you may all have to do it at the same time when the card member shows the card to the cast member.

  4. Many special or private rooms exist through out WDW. Many used to be for annual pass holders. Alas, I know of no special rooms for passholders now. Does anyone know of existing passholder lounges or why WDW eliminated them?

  5. Hi! It looks like they offer preferred seating for the fireworks and concerts only on certain days of the week. They were not offering seating for the fireworks when we were there last Thursday or Friday.

    KRISTIN: You are correct — preferred seating is available on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.

  6. You mentioned that the lounge is open to Chase Visa cardholders. Is it also open to Chase Mastercard holders?

    KRISTIN: Yes, ALL Chase card members are welcome.

  7. Is the illuminations viewing always in front of Italy or does it alternate to the tower shop area on weekdays?

    KRISTIN: It’s always the area in front of Italy near the water, and it is roped off.

  8. Thanks for the info, Kristin! Do you happen to know if it has to be the Chase Disney Visa, or just any Chase Visa? (For example, mine is the Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa). What about the Chase Disney Debit card, does that count?

    KRISTIN: I think you can gain access with both of those cards. I’m told ALL Chase cards are eligible. You only need a Chase Disney card to get the wristbands for reserved seating at the Eat to the Beat concerts.

  9. It does not appear that the lounge is handicapped accessible as I see stairs leading down to the lounge. Is there a ramp also?

    KRISTIN: Good news! I checked and a cast member told me it is accessible via a lift.

  10. Are the wristbands for Illuminations only available during the Food and Wine festival?

    KRISTIN: Yes, because they are offered to visitors to the Chase Lounge, which is only open during the Food & Wine Festival.

  11. Do chase MasterCard holders get in as well?

    KRISTIN: Yes, all Chase card members are welcome in the lounge. You must present the card to gain access.

  12. I’ve seen conflicting information on this. You’re not the first to report that the lounge is open to all Chase Visa card members, but I’ve seen at least one report saying the lounge is open only to Chase DISNEY Visa card members. Can you possibly clarify? There are probably a great many of us who are Chase Visa members but not Chase Disney Visa members… Thanks.

    KRISTIN: I have updated my blog, and the answer is: All Chase card members are welcome in the lounge. Only Disney Chase card members may get the wristbands for preferred seating at Eat to the Beat concerts. All Chase card members can get preferred seating for Illuminations, if available, however.

  13. The lounge was fantastic. Especially since there is almost no seating throughout the streets of EPCOT. We took our food up there to eat in the cool air.

  14. I could not get in the evening of Sat Sept 28 as they were having a private affair. After that the line was so long to get in I just gave up. I was very disappointed.

  15. Thank you so much for this information just in time for our trip next week. We enjoyed the lounge last year and wondered if Chase would do this again. All of the blogs you share are much appreciated.

  16. What time are you allowed to enter through the turnstiles by the beach club ???

    KRISTIN: The International Gateway entrance to Epcot opens at the same time as the main gate.

  17. The first sentence seems to hint that this is only open during the food & wine festival. Is that correct? I’m visiting in January 2014 and didn’t know if it would be open.

    KRISTIN: Yes, the Chase Lounge is only available during the Food & Wine Festival.