If the Hat Fits

Light Meter by Lisa K. Berton

The infamous Sorcerer Mickey Hat can be found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. I don’t like it. I never have and I never will. I think it’s out of place and blocks The Great Movie Ride’s fabulous replica of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

There’s another Sorcerer Mickey Hat located at the Disneyland Hotel in California. It hovers over the walkway between Downtown Disney and the hotel. That one’s a nice piece of theming.

But as I’m the troublemaker among my Picture This! bloggers, I’m going with this version.


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4 Replies to “If the Hat Fits”

  1. We too, always thought the water tower with the Mickey ears was the icon of Disney/MGM studios, now Hollywood Studios. You used to be able to buy a charm of the Mickey eared tower. It totally destroyed the appeal of walking in to the park when they put up that huge hat. We miss being able to see Grauman’s Chinese Theatre as you walk up the street. 🙁

  2. I, too, don’t like the hat in front of the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (replica). Nothing against Sorcerer Mickey but I think it would be better suited at a different location. I miss being able to walk through the gates and get a great pic of the theater.

  3. I never understood the addition of Sorcerer Mickey’s Hat to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. I thought the icon of the park was the water tower with the Mickey ears. I agree that the hat blocks a view that was once great!

  4. I am sooo glad to hear there’s someone else who doesn’t like that darn Sorcerer Mickey Hat. I’ve hated it since the day it went up. It’s a perfectly fine hat, it’s just in the wrong place. Put it at the entrance and it would make a fine symbol for the park. But not in front of the Great Movie Ride (which needs updating) where it ruins the artistic line of Sunset Blvd.

    Thank you for making me see I’m not alone!