Segway Saturday – Part 2

Linda Mac did a great job with photos from the segway tour, so just head over to her blog for those.

Saturday evening was the Tower of Terror 13k party. I headed over to the Studios “early” as I had a 7:45 ADR at the Brown Derby. While walking around, we checked out the Osborne Holiday Lights preparations:

Osborne Holiday Lights preparations

Osborne Holiday Lights preparations

Osborne Holiday Lights preparations

Dinner at the Brown Derby was great, Beci and I each had the Cobb Salad. Oh and that Pumpkin cheesecake is awesome !!!!

After dinner we wandered back toward the turnstyles and sat on a bench right near Sids while we waited for the race to begin. The park was almost empty and I got this photo of the hat.

Sorcerer Mickey Hat

We chose to spend out time cheering on the runners and saw many friends!!! Front Row: Beci Mahnken and Masayo Kano. Back row, Mike Newell and Linda Mac.

Cheering on the Runners

Matt Hochberg interviews Masayo Kano for an upcoming WDWToday podcast!
Matt Hochberg interviews Masayo Kano

Here’s Blogger Mike Scopa:

Mike Scopa

and All Ears Team Member and blogger Laura Gilbreath and husband Lee:

Lee Zimmerman and Laura Gilbreath

The race was over and everyone gathered near the Rock n Roller Coaster to see the great Tower of Terror medals all our friends had received.

I headed back to Riverside around midnight….and called it an evening!

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