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Tips for Enjoying MNSSHP

Headless Horseman


If you plan to attend Halloween Night; be sure to order your tickets EARLY! This night always sells out well in advance!

Be on the lookout for Halloween Trick or Treat bags as you come into the park just past the turnstiles. These tend to run out early in the evening.

Think about the Florida weather when you are deciding whether or not to bring a costume, and what kind of costume to wear. Florida can still be very warm and humid, especially earlier in the month. Also think about what shoes you are wearing...you'll still be walking all over the park, don't get blisters!

Go back into Frontierland to see the parade, especially the first one of the evening! Much less crowded. Don't forget if you are in Liberty Square or Frontierland, the Parade won't begin for you until 15-20 minutes after the official announced start time.

The parade was so different from all the other parades--lots of villains and other characters not in the usual parades.

Don't miss the special Hallow-Wishes fireworks show!

Trick or TreatAdults are welcome to wear costumes and get candy, just like the kids.

Don't wait until you are just plum too tired to see anything else or you might find yourself a little like grumpy fighting the exiting crowds and waiting for the buses.

Liberty Tree Tavern - This is a fun place to dine before the party. Be sure to make an Advance Reservation far in advance. At one month out, our party of four was unable to get a priority seating!

About the only thing I would do differently, I would not go to any parks that same day. By Midnight, the kids were tired and even though they wanted to stay, they just could'nt. Well worth the money!! Disney's attention to detail (big and small) is just incredible!

Drive to the event if you are not at a monorail resort and have kids. Have you every tried to hold and carry a 50 lb 5 year old when they are sleeping and the busses are full and crowded?

If your schedule allows avoid the weekend party dates. Weekdays are much less crowded, especially early in September!



Cinderelle'a CarriageOne of the Party's special treats is having Cinderella's Carriage on display! This makes for a great photo op. Ask a Cast Member when Cinderella's herself, or the Fairy Godmother may appear for photos!

10 minutes prior to the Parade Start time, Mr. Knickerbocker takes his place in front of the Liberty Bell and tells the story of the Headless Horseman. At the time he finishes the story, the Horseman begins his gallop through the Magic Kingdom (from Main Street through Frontierland). Once the Horseman has cleared the entire parade route, the parade begins on Main Street! Legend has it the Headless Horseman can not see at all through the costume and is guided only by the well trained horse (which is why the Cast Members are SO vigilant about making sure the streets are cleared!).


Chip and Dale

Try to see the Haunted Mansion! The Cast Members here are REALLY in character and you may find some surprises wandering around as well!

One of the night things about the Riverboat ride (if operating) is seeing the Haunted Mansion lit in greens and blues from the river!