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7/14/07 Alan Mac Donald family: Just returned from DisneyWorld, and in the Magic Kingdom, we (children ages 12 and 10, along with my wife) went to the LaughFloor twice and thought it was a hoot and very entertaining each time. Both times different and that technology is amazing, allowing the characters to interact like that. Highly recommend you stopping by because you will not be disappointed.

6/20/07 TrishSC: We saw the comedy club show in May 2007 and really enjoyed it (except for the very hard plastic benches). The show is cute - if not great. As part of the interactive aspect of the show they ask you to submit jokes for the monsters to use in their act. They say - they might use your joke. You are instructed to use your cell phone to text in a joke and the name of who submitted the joke. But you can't submit the joke early. So, before you go, pick out a short kid-friendly joke. Then enter the text of the joke into your phone while you stand in line - and get ready to "send" when you reach the area right before the doors to the show. They have signs posted on the walls of the pre-show staging area that gives instructions. Our kids got a kick out of hearing their joke - told on stage!

6/14/07 Hailey S.:
I am a teenager and recently visited Disney World with my two teenage cousins and their parents. The Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor was open and was the highlight of our trip to all four parks, despite our ages. The pre-show area monitors encourage you to send in a joke via text-message while you are waiting, and I strongly recommend doing this. The monsters will most likely read your joke later on in the show, and we were all surprised to hear my cousins joke being performed by the monster! Make sure to read the little bulletins up on all the walls while you are waiting too. The show itself was hilarious (the jokes were a little cheesy but still funny) and very audience interactive. I won't give too much away, but if you want to be in the show then choose a seat by the asile way as you go in. Even if you don't choose one of these seats, there is a chance you or one of your family members will still be featured in this show. It seems like as of April 07' all the bugs were fixed in this show. We did this at night and went right to Wishes from here, so if you want a less than five minute wait I would suggest going at a similar time. This is a fun attraction for the whole family, and is something THAT CAN NOT BE MISSED at Magic Kingdom.

4/6/07 steve oneill: I visited Monster Inc. Laugh Factory on April 1 as a passholder. Although some jokes were corny, I found myself laughing more and more as the show went on. When they read the joke from the audience member who texted it in, the person who sent it in was surprised and happily cheering. It is cool how they can make up some jokes and interact with the audience. Obviously they hire some talented people who are behind the scenese. It is enjoyable.

4/1/07 Kathleen: We were in the Magic Kingdom on March 27 and the Laugh Floor Comedy Club was open to annual ticket holders. We had Park Hopper tickets, but I asked the cast member if we could go in and she said they were letting people in because it wasn't full. The show was great -- I have 4 kids aged 11, 8, 6, and 20 months and we all enjoyed it. My kids liked the fact that the show was interactive, not unlike the Turtle Talk with Crush. At one point in the show the camera zoomed in on me and I was asked to do a bunch of goofy things. Of course, I played along and this made my kids enjoy it even more. I was really excited to have the chance to see the show since we thought we'd have to wait a year. In the waiting room, they also have an option for guests to text message a joke to a certain number on the screen. They say that they might use your joke in the show.

3/28/07 Trish: We were at MK on Monday, 3/26 and Monsters Inc Laugh Floor was open to all! My family thought I was crazy when I insisted we HAD to see the show - but they loved it. My 8-year old daughter giggled and snorted out loud at some of the corny jokes.. and her 70-year old Grandpa did too! I thought it was terrific and would certainly recommend it to anyone.

3/28/07 Allison Valdes: was at the Magic Kingdom on 3-24-07 and tried the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. I'd say it has potential but still fails in comparison the Turtle Talk with Crush at EPCOT. My main complaint is with the seats. They are very hard and uncomfortable and at an awkward height. I'm average height and my feet dangled off the floor which made the hard seats even more uncomfortable.

3/28/07 Ellen Spence: We just returned from Disney and had a chance to preview the Laugh Floor Comedy Club, they were ushering people in so we decided to go. It was a cute show, but if you are expecting to see Sully or lots of characters from the movie, you will be disappointed. We found it strange that Sully was not in the show...Mike however was the Emcee. Kids will like it though, it was interactive with audience members.

3/28/07 Marcia Canale: We just got back from Disney and we happened to catch the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.We were in the park for early opening and we were in between hours. Regular park was about to open and we found ourselves in front of the Monsters Inc. location. We couldn't find anything about it in the park map so we were kind of just going along to see what it was about. Even standing inside we weren't sure if we were going to stay. Fortunately we did decide to stay and it was really funny. I got to answer a question about where I was from and my daughters thought it was really cool to see me up on screen. The show was very funny and the people in the audience that they used were great at going along with the joke. I think Mike & Roz were great as well, they really used their personalities.I think we would go back to see it again the next time we go. It is a nice addition to that part of Magic Kingdom.Thanks for having a great site. I really enjoy ALLEarsNet.

3/28/07 Denise A. Kostka: My brother and sister-in-law and niece are in WDW now- Sunday night while in the MK there were CMs outside of Monsters Inc. Comedy - my brother s/w her - she said to come back around 9:00. They let them in with the CM preview - they said it was GREAT. They also said you can text message a joke to them and they may use it.

3/27/07 Jon Sherman, DC: Great interactive ride. Kids loved it. A lot like Crush's Turtle Talk.

3/26/07 Sheri Page: We went to the Magic Kingdom and were lucky enough that the new Monsters Inc. Comedy Club was open. My kids, 2 boys, ages 10 & 7 LOVED the show, we saw it three times, They used my oldest sons joke and my youngest got to be on the Big screen and made scary faces. It was very cute and must see for kids.

3/26/07 Emily: We saw the Monters Inc. Laugh Floor Comedy Show on March 16 by pure chance. They had secretly opened up the show without announcing it. We were on the Blue Line and saw people entering, so as soon as we got off we hauled tail over there and we were able to get in line!The show was adorable, the jokes were mostly geared towards kids, but still cute and entertaining. Try to get in the theater as early as possible for your group, because the is a little bit of a "pre-show" while people are still being seated.My only complaint I must say, is the seats are the most uncomfortable seats I have ever sat in on the entire Diseny World property!Even if you do not have kids (we were on our honeymoon) you should still check this out at least once! Very Cute!

3/26/07 Vanessa Suarez: I recently read about the Monster Inc. Laugh floor, and at that time the reader stated it didn't flow so well. We went on 3/21 and decided to give it a try. It was so enjoyable! I went in with low expectations and was pleased that it flowed incredibly well and the kids (6yrs & 4yrs old), actually compared it to Turtle Talk with Crush. It was very funny and we would definitely do it again. Now I have to say, I was annoyed that a castmember couldn't even tell me where it was and the other two I asked denied it was open. I had to go and see for myself. It did indeed have a "now open" sign

3/25/07 Mark Cibulka: On our recent trip to Disney World that ended 03/24/07 we found that the new Laugh Floor Comedy Club in the Magic Kingdom is OPEN.We saw the show twice and found it quite funny both times. The general reaction on the other guests was very positive.

3/25/07 Cindy D.: We saw the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor show three times last week. Each time was enought different that we were entertained... kinda like with the Jungle Cruise - you can do it over and over again and there will always be the familiar jokes, but when you get a Cast Member who adds some different things, it makes it worth seeing yet again. The queue area is better when you're near the back and can actually take time to read the bulletin boards... lots of humor there, too.FWIW, it wasn't a passholders viewing or anything - it was open all the time that we were there.

3/25/07 Chloe: My family and two friends of ours were able to see the Laugh Floor show last week. I thought that it was a cute show, but it still lacked the main draw for the show: the laughs. Though some parts were funnier than others, like the conjoined twins, the show still needs work before the preview next weekend.

3/25/07 Becky Born: Thoroughly enjoyed Laugh Floor Comedy Club! Mike W. was really funny! And the interaction with audience was great!

3/24/07 Julie: I was at WDW March 18-22, and was at the MK on the 20th and 21st. Both times I was in Tomorrowland (once in the evening, once early in the morning) the Laugh Floor Comedy Club was open. I saw it in the evening right before the park closed. Waited about 5 minutes in the preshow area; it was a fairly big crowd, but when we were admitted the theater was only about 3/4 full. As for the show itself, it was cute. Without huge was an awful lot like Turtle Talk in Epcot (with the characters on-screen "talking to the audience"). The jokes were...well, corny at best...They did use one joke from an audience member. All in all, it was okay, but nothing spectacular. I don't have any real complaints; the show was well-done, it just wasn't spectular. But I guess that not every attraction at WDW can be an e-ticket.

3/24/07 Ashley Ward: We saw the new Monsters, Inc. show on 3/23/07 and we loved it!!! The characters interact with the audience and several members of the audience are asked questions etc... We especially loved that whenever the Monsters said, "Hi Humans" we all had to raise our arms up and say HUUUH! We really enjoyed it and can't wait to do it again next trip!


Kristen Gainey, February 6, 2007:
We got to go to a soft-opening sneak peek. They opened the doors and started ushering people in as we were about to leave Tomorrowland. I like that the show was interactive, and it seemed to appeal to both adults and children. It's also fun to know the show will be different every time you go. However, during the pre-show, most guests didn't think you could really submit a joke (via cellphone text) for the show, and a lot of those around us who did try decided it was too much to bother with. It's hard to think of a joke on the spot, and if you can, most wireless carriers don't allow texts long enough for them. Therefore, the jokes at the end were a little lackluster. After the show an imagineer came out and surveyed the audience and said the actual opening date was still a couple of months away. You also had the option of filling out a written survey if you could spare the time. They gave us all the ride re-entry passes for any attraction at the Magic Kingdom, as noted by earlier reviewers. Overall, I'm impressed with the incorporation of the Pixar attractions in the parks so far.

mandm 01/11/07: I was walking through Tomorrowland when I noticed the sign for "The Laugh Floor" and that the door to the attraction was open with a CM ushering people in. When I was waiting in the queue area, another CM announced that we were getting an advanced preview of a new show that was in development. He went on to say that it was still a little rough and that technical problems should be expected. At first, combined with the "Coming Soon" sign outside, I thought it was actually part of a normal pre-show but soon found out that we were a true "test" audience. The basic premise is that the monsters of Monstropolis are now using laughter to power their city and a Comedy Club is a great place to get the required laughs from humans. The show was amusing, at best, but it is still obviously in it's early stages. There are three "acts" with the whole show emceed by Mike Wazowski and directed by Roz. The other Sneak Peek Reader Reviews hit all the highlights of the show and it doesn't look like there have been any significant changes since they were written.

After the show was over a CM polled the audience asking us to remember it was still being tweaked. Questions ranged from How well did you like the show overall?" to questions related to individual characters or elements (one of the funniest moments happened when the CM asked if the audience camera was used too much and the gentleman that was continually singled out emphatically replied "YES!"). Additionally, audience members were invited to fill out paper questionnaires that included "best 3 elements" and "worst 3 elements". Overall, the show was very similar to "Turtle Talk with Crush" in Epcot and DCA. It has the potential to be a good show, but since the audience will contribute a good bit of the material it will probably be hit or miss at best.

Pat Dzaugis January 1-6: It is a very cute show. There were many WDW executives in attendance during the trial run. At the end of the show the audience was asked about 10 survey questions about what we liked and did not like about the show. There are cameras in the audience which allows the monster performers to interact with the audience. It was a very cute show and I think that children and adults would both enjoy the show. When I was there they were trying to figure out how to get audience members to text message jokes so that they could be used in the show. There were several members of the audience that knew how to do this and they did, but I think the executives were still looking into if this was going to be a part of the show. It was stated several times during the introduction to the show that the opening for this show was months away.

December 2006: John D Beck - I had the opportunity to attend a performance at The Laugh Floor Comedy Club. This show has great potential but the performance that I saw did not live up to it. In the lobby the preshow was playing so quietly that it couldn't be heard over the din of the gathering crowd -- it wasn't that interesting to watch (Hey put Sully in it and it might be interesting -- he's sadly missing from any of the proceedings.) The show itself wasn't that funny -- mildly amusing would be more like it. Roz was the funniest thing about the show. Technical glitches distracted also -- Mike would be talking but his mouth wouldn't be moving. The jokes were OK. One thing that wasn't OK were the benches that you sit on during the show -- they were plastic and reminded me of preschool furniture. They in a word were uncomfortable.

12/14/06:'s technical guru Jack Marshall writes: The Laugh Floor Comedy Club has started soft openings on select days. Several of us were in attendance at two different shows on Tuesday, December 12 including yours truly... They were testing crowd responses to the show and soliciting suggestions to improve the offering after each show. All the people attending were admitted randomly when they opened their doors unannounced. After the showing, everyone received a FastPass good at any Magic Kingdom attraction. There is a short preshow movie that runs while guests wait to enter the theater. There is also an opportunity for anyone waiting in the preshow to text their favorite joke to a special number. The joke may be used in the performance when they do jokes by humans at the end... They have several cameras planted in the ceiling over the audience and use them randomly during each show. One camera finds one adult male to be the object of several jokes for things like making fun of the way humans look and as an example of what monsters dress up as for Halloween. Then during the show, another camera will pick out a person at random (could be adult or child) and a show CM rushes to them so they can answer questions asked by the character onscreen like "what's your name?" or "where are you from?" and then the answer is used by the character. The jokes are cute. "Laughter gives us power. If you humans don't laugh loud enough, we may not have enough power to open the exit doors." The whole show lasted a little less than 15 minutes. The show featured Roz as the first on screen. She oversees the crowd entering the theater and starts the show. Mike Wazowski is the MC. He introduces three acts. The three monsters, the last of whom is Mike's nephew, were not in the Monsters, Inc. movie. They are still tinkering with the details. In the first show, the audience voted for their favorite monster act. In the second show, they didn't. They added a song where the voting had been. My personal take on it was positive. Think of the show as a combo of The Comedy Warehouse meets Turtle Talk at Sea World's Shamu show.

Laugh Floor Comedy ClubJohn Dalby: While strolling through Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom last week we were stopped by a cast member and asked to join a special premier to a new attraction. The cast member said it doesn't open until January and that this was a test run. The attraction is located directly across from Stitch's Great Escape, and currently has a Coming Soon sign over it. You enter into a large waiting area were Roz (the head Monster) tells a story of how laughs became better than screams for energy. After this you are ushered into a large auditorium set up to look like a stage show. The room was filled with Disney Imagineers and executives. Roz starts off by introducing Mike Wazowski (spelled with 1 "eye"!). He precedes to tell you that this is a comedy show and they need to fill up a canister of laughs by the end of the show. He introduces the 3 comics, Buddy a purple monster that does slapstick comedy, Mac and Jeeze a 2 headed monster comedy team, and Melvine, Mike's nephew. The show is interactive, which was a surprise to me due to the fact that the character are animated and on a huge screen (leave it to Disney to make you say wow!) They made fun of people in the audience and asked questions of them too. You can tell its not pre-recorded because they would respond to the answers given which were very random. The musical songs in the beginning and end of the show were very low and hard to hear, but I'm sure they will have that fixed by the time it opens. The jokes were corny but funny, and the highlight was when they picked on this one particular guy in the audience through out the show. After it was over they asked questions about the characters, and if anyone had a suggestion about the show, they also gave out FastPass Tickets to be used on any ride in the park. It was a good show and I'm sure once they tweak it a little it will be better.