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Debby Drisgula: As many large people are, I was beyond nervous that I wouldn't fit, or would be embarrassed and asked to leave a ride for not fitting. Thankfully I had family members similar to my size that had already gone, and they tried to convince me that I would be fine. But still, I kept saying, "Yeah, but your weight is in different areas than mine, I'm shorter, and rounder, etc." They turned me onto this site, and I read it again and again. It did put my mind at ease, and made me feel that I had to at least try to go on the rides. Sure enough, I fit FINE, without a problem. We went on almost everything, and the rides we didn't it was mainly because we ran out of time, or weren't interested in going on them. Just to name a few: Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Expedition Everest, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Peter Pan, Test Track and Soarin'. Just an FYI: I am 5'2" and weigh about 330 pounds, and most of my weight is right in one big circle around the middle. My husband is more or less average size and we went on everything together. I can't wait to go back again, and plan to soon. Thank you for your site, and for helping so many of us "At Large" folks feel more at ease.

Kelly: I just wanted to say thank you for the information in the WDW At Large section in regard to the park rides. I am a plus-size gal. I am 5'11" tall and a size 22-24. I carry most of my weight in the lower half of my body and was nervous about fitting into the rides at Disney World. I just returned from a family trip in early June 2010 and can report that I tried every ride (without fear) due to the information on your website. At Magic Kingdom, it was awkward getting in and out of Space Mountain and the Astro Orbiter rides, but I fit without any problems. I also rode Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the tea cups, and all other rides. I had no problems fitting into any of the rides and attractions at all the other parks and I rode everything with my husband and kids. Your website put my mind at ease and allowed me to enjoy my vacation. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jess: Thank you so very much for your WDW at Large section! My husband and I planned a surprise trip for my sons 7th birthday on March 30. I was very sad about going because I figured I would be stuck watching them enjoy all the rides while I stood on the sidelines, being the fat mommy too big to ride. Thank you for posting information for plus-size beautiful people, letting me kow that we can take turns enjoying the rides with our son!

Heather: I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your article in the newsletter this week geared toward larger guests. My husband is 6'5" and close to 400 lbs., and was scared to try Crush 'n' Gusher for the exact same reasons. He will be thrilled when I share this info with him. Thanks for all the suggestions on your site in the WDW at Large section. It has helped in the past too.

Brian W: I wanted to submit my thanks for your work compiling the information for WDW at large. I will say this — I read the information and was very skeptical about it. I'm a pretty big guy, 5'6" about 335 pounds right now, and have had a bad experience at a theme park where I had to get off a coaster because the restraint wouldn't close. Needless to say I was pretty embarrassed and I've been hesitant to try too many rides again that I was not 100 percent sure I could get on without a problem. It's been my wife's dream for us to go to Disney together, so we decided to go this weekend. I studied this website like I was preparing for a test. Like I said, I go about 335, most around my stomach, but my chest is big too, probably about a 60-inch chest. I just have a big frame, and that was the problem before. I asked most of the CMs about the restraints and every one of them told me, "you'll be fine, I've seen people much bigger than you get on". (I think they are told to say that, ha!) I rode Tower of Terror, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Expedition Everest, Space Mountain, Spaceship Earth, the Backlot Tour, and the Kilimanjaro Safari. All pretty much lined up to what you said on the website here. The only one I was really worried about was the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster because I knew it was an over-the-head/shoulder restraint, but it worked fine. For the Tower of Terror, I would suggest like others said to try and sit on the end of the aisle, but I sat on the inside twice and was fine. The belts on those seats are really long.

Laura: I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful website. You made my trip to Disney World wonderful and I didn't worry nearly as much as I would've without it. I am a bigger gal (size 24/26) and as much as I love amusement parks, I've had a lot of trouble the last few years riding the rides. When my brother invited me on a family vacation to Disney World for my birthday, I was very anxious, but I decided to go because I heard Disney is great even if you don't ride rides (which is true, but I LOVE roller coasters). My brother felt bad that I was worried about not fitting on the rides and found your website. We went through the whole WDW At Large section and decided there was nothing to worry about. Even a few times when I was in the park and couldn't remember what was said about a ride, I just pulled up your website and looked. Once I was even in line! Your tips were amazing, and everything was spot on. The only ride I really had any trouble with was the tea cups. I got a little stuck in the opening, but I realized if you step up on to the wall at the opening, it gives you more room to pass through. It definitely helped to know which seats had the most space, although the front car on Space Mountain was very scary! You made my first trip to Walt Disney World so much better than I ever imagined, and it was a great trip. Without this website, I might not have gone on the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith (my favorite), Expedition Everest or even Splash Mountain. I ended up riding almost every ride in the park and I had a great vacation. I can't wait for my next trip. I will be telling everyone who is planning a trip to Disney about your website!

I just wanted to say thank you for your Walt Disney World at Large information. My family, including grandparents, went to Disney World last year and I was very concerned about fitting on the rides. I am about 280 lbs. and 5 foot 6 inches (about 26-28). I used the guide and felt very prepared when I got there. I had NO problems fitting on any rides. I went on every ride in all the parks without difficulty. My father also has difficulty with bending his knees due to surgery and we were able to use this guide as well for that. Thanks for making my trip concern free. We are planning another trip next year.

Well, my second visit to Disney World and this time my weight didn't keep me sitting on the bench, holding the backpack. Because of your web site, this was the first time I rode some rides. It felt great walking around not feeling worried about "fitting in".

I was so grateful to find your WDW at large info before my trip that I vowed to contribute to it upon my return. Here are my thoughts and experiences after one week at WDW. I am 5'11" and about 330 pounds. * First of all, there are people there of all shapes and sizes. * Secondly, most are so caught up in their own vacations that I did not feel anywhere near as "noticed" as I do on a typical day not in the parks.

I just want to thank you all *so* much for having the "At Large" feature. When I was a child and teen it was so tough to worry with my mom about whether she could ride with us because of her size (5'10, 6XL.) It was excruciating waiting hours in line wondering "Do I have to ride alone?" Of course, she always fit well, and the staff was so nice and discreet with us. However, it would have been great to have this resource back in the day. Now, I am a grown woman who is plus sized myself,(5'10, 280) and on our many trips to Disney never even worried about fitting because I remembered how accommodating Disney is to us Large folk. However, last summer I made the mistake of thinking that I would fit into rides at Six Flags… Imagine me trying to squish into a *tiny* roller coaster seat with HUNDREDS of other guests waiting to see if I would fit. I didn't. I cried in front of everyone and my husband brought me home. I would suggest that "At Large" be made available for other parks, such as Six flags, but I think it would suffice to say that if you are a large person, you had better stick to Disney. This February I look forward to riding Everest for the first time with my plus sized Mom, Dad, and of course, myself, along with my normal sized husband, brother, sister in law and aunt. Once I read the "At Large" review of the coaster, I had no worries at all. Again, thank you.

I am 5'8" and 300 lbs( a size 26). I read, and read, and read the AT LARGE trip reports every day before my trip to try and put my mind at ease. And when I say I read, I read from 2003-2006 at least 6-8 times each! I took my husband to celebrate our two year anniversary, and his parents for the first time to Disney World. They are all average size people. So you could imagine the embarrassment I would endure if I was turned down from a ride. I was worried about taking that walk of shame. But after reading this column I decided to go ahead and try everything out and keep a journal, so that I could hopefully shed some light and relieve some stress from others out there. And just before I begin, THANKS AGAIN Allearsnet! You were truly my blessing to a wonderful vacation.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!. Finding your WDW at Large section has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders (no pun intended 🙂 ) My husband and I (6'/280lbs and 5'/250lbs) are taking our 4yr old son ( a ride fanatic )to WDW in October and we were both dreading our not fitting on the rides with him. We could picture us standing at Dumbo and him not being able to ride because of us, as has happened at carnivals and other parks. But no longer! Now we are confident that we will be able to go on any and all of the rides with him without any trouble. You have made the last couple of months of planning a much happier time for us. Keep up the good work! Stacey

I am 275 pounds 5 feet 3 inches tall.I was very concerned about fitting on the rides, but your web site showed me that I could fit and enjoy the rides with my kids.Thank you very much for this site,it made my trip wonderful!!I went on almost every ride at Magic Kingdom and fit.I also had no problems with Epcot,MGM Studios,and Animal Kingdom. I hope this helps ease anyones concerns about fitting in things like I always do!!! Enjoy your vacation and have a great time there, its a magical place!!!

I just got back from celebrating my engagement at Disney World and I just wanted to thank you for making my trip so great. My girlfriend (and now fiance) has planned a trip to Disney for the past 6 months and I had been dreading it. As a large man (6'3", 52-54 inch waist) I was concerned about fitting in the rides. For months I dreaded the trip and then I found your website. Needless to say, all the reviews for each of the rides put me at ease, and the last 6 days have been some of the best of my life. I want to share a few of my experiences to help ease the mind of other large patrons that are thinking about heading to Disney.

Just wanted to let you know that your website is very helpful (especially) WDW at Large. I have a cousin who is 6'5" 400+ lbs and he was actually able to get on every ride that the family went on…Space Mountain, Big Thunder, Rockin Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Spaceship Earth, and Small World etc. Lines were too long for Test Track and Mission Space (fast passes ran out early), but I'm confident that he would have fitted. We were thrilled that he enjoyed the trip just as much as everyone else because we did have concerned. We took some advice and asked the cast members at each ride before getting in line if he would fit and that save him from any possible embarassment. Thanks for such a great site. I hope this helps anyone of size that has concerns. Have Fun!!!!! Michelle

What a relief it was for me to find your webpage!!! I was so worried about whether or not I (being a size 26, 5'5" 295lb woman) was going to be able to ride any of the rides with my family. Once I found your webpage and read comments from other peoples experiences, my concerns where put to rest. I went with the hopes and expectations that I was going to have a great time …. and boy did I ever. I am happy to report that I did not run into not one problem becuase of my size!!! I want to thank you for your webpage becuase without it …. I would have had myself so sick with worry before our trip that I probably would not have even tried to ride anything! Again, thank you and keep up the good work!

All of your hints for particular attractions, seat widths and all that info was so helpful. It made me feel so much more comfortable.

I am a Disney fanatic and my husband and I took our first trip to Walt Disney World in March of 2000 (our 1st wedding anniversary). I only wish I had found your site about Disney for larger people before we went. I was very worried about not fitting onto some of the rides and even refused to ride some of them. I avoided Rockin Roller coaster, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Astro Orbiter, and the Dumbo ride. I know, I know, I skipped most of the "big" rides that most people head to first. But I was terrified of not being able to buckle the seatbelt or fit into the seat at all. Even though I didn't get to enjoy those rides I have to say that I loved Disney World and can't wait to go again. It's a truly magical place. I think this site is wonderful and you are truly an angel for giving all us larger people a peace of mind and the knowelege that we too can enjoy the rides that we were once so afraid to try!

I just wanted to tell you Thanks for having a site with information geared to us chub club members. 🙂 It has really REALLY put my mind to ease about our trip. I'm looking forward to riding each and every ride with both my girls. This is going to be fun. Also, I'm sure you've heard this many times before.. but your going to hear it once again. Your site is just WONDERFUL!

The area in your site that included WDW at Large was especially gratifying. Being a large person (300 and declining 🙂 ) I was extremely nervous about embarassing moments and not be able to ride the rides with my children. Your site helped to alleviate my fears. (I was even able to ride Dumbo and get him up in the air!)

You guys rock! I never would have imagined someone would have made a page like this and I'm so grateful to have found it. I am going to WDW for my honeymoon and I have been quietly worrying about how I was going to "fit in" at WDW. I didn't think there was really anyone I could ask for this kind of information. Now I feel much more relaxed and confident–I know what to expect.

"gardenia created these "At Large" pages and maintained them through 1999. She writes: In the WDW at Large section, folks who have visited WDW will share their very personal experiences while on vacation. Everything is kept absolutely confidential.I highly encourage y'all to share your experiences as I know those who access this page would greatly benefit from reading about them."