RSS Feeds

New to RSS? Here are just a few pointers to get you started.

1. What Is RSS?

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary." What it is, basically, is a format for publishing and distributing news and the content of news-related sites, as well as personal weblogs, or blogs.

To read RSS news, you'll need an RSS Feed Reader, also known as a news aggregator. These readers gather the content from thousands of RSS and blog sources and consolidate the headlines at one site so that you can easily search, read and track content without having to visit at multiple sites.

For more background on RSS and RSS Feeders, you might want to read HERE.

2. To read the AllEars.Net RSS Feed, you'll need to subscribe to some RSS Reader. Do a web search on "RSS feed readers" and you'll get a list of many free readers. Download or register with the reader of your choice. (Some web browsers may have an RSS feed reader built in.)

3. Follow the RSS Reader's instructions for setup and enter our RSS Feed URL into your reader. Our URL is:
(If you click on that link, all you might see is a page of text or html code — just disregard it. Instead, go up to the web address line and cut and paste that URL into your RSS Feed Reader.)

That should be all you need to do to get our latest news and headlines!