Connecticut RADP Meet October 1997

Connecticut RADP Meet

October 1997


Mary Rogers Writes:

First things first – I want to encourage everyone to setup and have RADP meets. They are lots of fun and don't have to be a lot of work.

The Connecticut meet took place last Sunday and was low key, but I think a good time was had by all. When counting heads at the restaurant the total came to 14, although the noise level would have suggested more :). All of us were so excited to talk to others who enjoy WDW as much as we do, that we were all talking at the same time!

The meet started with us meeting outside the Disney store in the
Westfarms mall. Some of us got there early and scoped out the new stores the mall has added recently and then wandered over to the meet at 1 o'clock. By about 1:10 all of us had arrived and were happily spending money (or window shopping) in the store. The store manager had already told me they were too busy to spend time with us, so we didn't push for anything special.

At 1:30 we all wandered over to the restaurant across the street and the meet started in ernest. At the long table we had Joan & Barry from Ashford, Nataclue (Rick) and his wife from Mass. (they drove over two hours for the meet!!), Tracey and her husband (new DVC members), Pat, Joe H., Jim, Roxann and her son Matt (whom I met earlier at the mall near us) and my husband Dave and daughter Kim.

Once we got to the restaurant we all sat down and immediately started talking. There were Joan & Barry (who are leaving for WDW on Sat.), Nataclue (Rick) and his wife, from Mass. They drove over two hours to come to the meet!!! Tracey and her husband (new DVC'ers and going to WDW later this month). Pat, Joe H., Jim, Roxann and Matt (whom I had met earlier at a real small meet 🙂 ) and then myself (MerLib), my husband and daughter Kimberly.

The table was long and narrow, not condusive to everyone hearing
everyone's conversation, so some table hopping took place. It was great talking to each and every person there. I wish I could have spent more time with each. Rick and his wife are going on the new Disney cruise line next May and I can't wait to hear how their trip went.

Each person at the meet had special stories to tell and advice to share. This, I think, is the best part of having meets. You finally get to spend time talking to people about WDW (who don't get bored.). A lot of the time it was like deja vue talking !!

Hope you enjoyed my report. For those of you who were there – jump in and add more if you wish.

GoH '83, DVC '93

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