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Tarzan's Treehouse

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Climb up the steps into Tarzan’s Treehouse and walk the ramps past scenes from Tarzan’s life. Each scene features a sketch by Jane that describes it. The treehouse is located at the edge of Adventureland where it meets up with New Orleans Square.



Kala with Baby Tarzan at the TreehouseTarzan’s Treehouse — The treehouse features several “rooms” in the branches of an extremely large tree, which are connected by a series of ramps and stairs. To get up into the treehouse, climb a winding set of stairs and cross a bouncy wooden bridge. You’ll climb some more steps and find yourself at the top of the treehouse, which is where Tarzan lived with his parents. Watch out for Sabor the leopard. (You’re about 60 feet off the ground so there’s also a nice view of Disneyland from here!)

From here all the steps go down, to scenes depicting Kala’s raising of Tarzan, the meeting of Tarzan and Jane, and Jane’s father’s laboratory.

On the bottom level is an interactive play area — climb ropes, beat on pots and pans, or explore the contents of the tree stumps.

Read about Walt Disney World’s version of the similar Swiss Family Treehouse attraction HERE.



This attraction is almost always a walk-on, and will normally take no more than 10 minutes to walk through, unless you pause a lot along the way.

The entrance to the Treehouse, the Indiana Jones Adventure, and the bridge to New Orleans Square are all located in this vicinity, making this area quite a choke point, and it gets VERY congested. If you’re headed back to the hub, you might want to go through Frontierland instead.

Tarzan's TreehouseYou must be ambulatory and able to climb steps to experience this attraction. For those in wheelchairs or ECVs, the play area on the bottom level is accessible via a ramp located between the Treehouse and Pirates of the Caribbean.

All of the ramps and stairways have strong railings, but the attraction might not be appropriate for those who have a fear of heights.

The closest restrooms are located at the far end of Adventureland next to the Adventureland Bazaar, or at the back of New Orleans Square.



Most kids will enjoy the play area around the bottom of the Treehouse, where they can climb and pound on pots and pans and work off some excess

There are no characters in this part of Adventureland.



The River Belle Terrace is located near the entrance to the Treehouse, and the Bengal Barbecue is right next to it.


Disneyland Dining at a Glance


There is no special Tarzan-themed merchandise, but the various shops that make up the Adventureland Bazaar offer a variety of adventure-themed souvenirs and apparel.



Tarzan’s Treehouse was originally the Swiss Family Treehouse, which opened on November 18, 1962. That closed in May 1999 and reopened as Tarzan’s Treehouse on June 23, 1999. There are still several reminders of the original treehouse — the “Mind Thy Head” sign on the first branch, the ship’s wheel, and the stove. And the old gramophone in the laboratory at the base plays the Swisskapolka theme from the original treehouse. In the room where Jane is drawing Tarzan, one of the books on the table is “The Swiss Family Robinson”.

The tree has been designated as being of the rare species “Disneyodendron Semperflorens Grandis”, which means “large, ever-blooming Disney tree”. It’s about 70 feet tall.

In the campsite scene in the movie there’s a teapot and teacup that look just like Mrs. Potts and Chip — and in the campsite play area at the base of the tree there they are, above the pots and pans.

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How long is Tarzan's Treehouse?

The ride takes 9 Minutes

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