NEWS! D23 Expo – Day 3

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by Debra Martin Koma AllEars® Senior Editor OK, OK, I know I said I’d write a Day 2 recap, and it’s coming, I promise… but we have breaking news from TODAY. And when the news breaks, the news breaks! So, what’s so important? Well, today, at a presentation I attended just a little more than … Continue reading "NEWS! D23 Expo – Day 3"

Recap of D23 Expo Day 1

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by Debra Martin Koma AllEars® Senior Editor I’m taking just a few minutes here to give you a quick recap of the events of yesterday, September 10, the first day of the first-ever D23 Expo, AKA the Ultimate Disney Fan Experience. Wow, is it ever! Someone described yesterday to me as like drinking out of … Continue reading "Recap of D23 Expo Day 1"

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

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By Michelle and Liam Scribner-MacLean SPOILER ALERT: We share some of the hidden surprises in Germany and Japan, so if you haven’t embarked on this adventure and want to save the surprises, you might want to read this later. As veterans of Walt Disney World, we know that there is always something more to do”¦.some … Continue reading "Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure"

Mike and Michelle Meet in the Magic Kingdom

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On a recent trip, All Ears team members Mike Scopa and Michelle Scribner-MacLean held a small meet in the Tomorrowland Noodle Station. About 30 friends gathered to meet, take some photos, and chat about all things Disney. There were even a few surprises. The newest All Ears team member, Mike Bachand (a.k.a. Dizney Mike) showed … Continue reading "Mike and Michelle Meet in the Magic Kingdom"
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A Conversation with Marianne Hunnel: 2009 F&W Festival

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by Debra Martin Koma AllEars® Senior Editor The other day, I had the chance to speak with Marianne Hunnel, manager of culinary programs for the upcoming Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. I asked her if she could “spill the beans,” so to speak, about what we can expect at the annual 45-day eating and … Continue reading "A Conversation with Marianne Hunnel: 2009 F&W Festival"

A Tribute to Austin Wuennenberg

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AllEars® Team Member Jack Marshall shares his thoughts about monorail pilot Austin Wuennenberg: How difficult an undertaking is it to write about someone that wasn’t famous and you never even met? I wondered that as I sat down at the keyboard to write this. I’m speaking of Austin Wuennenberg, the monorail pilot that lost his … Continue reading "A Tribute to Austin Wuennenberg"

Picnic In The Park – Animal Kingdom

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by AllEars® Team Member Jack Marshall I have always thought that Disney’s Animal Kingdom had some of the best food available in any of the parks. Picnic In The Park (PITP) is no exception. First offered back in April, PITP is definitely a trailblazing meal option for Disney. The basic idea of the program is … Continue reading "Picnic In The Park – Animal Kingdom"

Disney’s PhotoPass on AllEars.Net

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AllEars® Team Member Erin Blackwell brings us this blog entry on Disney’s PhotoPass. What can we tell you about Disney’s PhotoPass? Well, like everything else on the site, we try to be as comprehensive as possible, so you have all the information you need for your Disney vacation. Let’s start with the basics for everyone … Continue reading "Disney’s PhotoPass on AllEars.Net"

D23 Materials Arrived!

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by Debra Martin Koma AllEars Senior Editor Well, it looks like all of my D23 materials (for the new Disney fan club that was announced just a few week ago HERE) have finally arrived. I wanted to share with you a little bit about them. I first received the membership card with a welcome letter. … Continue reading "D23 Materials Arrived!"

More on the D23 Program

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As you may have already read, on Tuesday, The Walt Disney Company launched D23, billed as “the first official community for Disney fans in the company’s 85-year history.” According to the official press release, D23 will provide fans with the opportunity to “go backstage and behind closed doors to get the inside scoop from every … Continue reading "More on the D23 Program"
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