Fans Are BEGGING for THIS at the NEW First-of-Its-Kind Hotel at Universal’s Epic Universe

We just can’t get enough of all the new things coming to Epic Universe, right?!

Massive model of Epic Universe

We’re talking about things like the flaming windmills, dragons, and our favorite Nintendo characters. Not to be cheesy, but it is going to be EPIC! All of this newness got us thinking about the new hotel they’re building, the Grand Helios Hotel, and specifically what you want to see at this new hotel. We asked, and you delivered!

We reached out to our followers on Facebook to ask: “What do YOU hope to see at Universal’s NEW Grand Helios Hotel coming to Epic Universe?” We had quite a few people leave their opinions in the comments!

What do you think?

Now, let’s go over some of your top responses!

A Rooftop Restaurant or Bar

First up, you have strong feelings about how much you’d like to see a rooftop bar or restaurant in the dome that crowns the hotel.

@bioreconstruct on X

Here’s what you said:

  • “The rooftop bar”
  • “I hope they have a restaurant or bar at the dome in the top of the hotel. Also the theming, and how it all interconnects with the new park. Can’t wait to see that view..first thing in the morning..with all the lands..the entrance gateways”

Listen, we feel the same way about this! We were already excited about Epic Universe, but now we can only imagine what the view would be like as you stare out across the lands.

Resort Rooms Themed to the Different Lands

Next up, you clearly have strong feelings when it comes to the theming of the hotel rooms!


Here’s what you said:

  • “Immersive theming. Maybe monster-themed rooms. Or rooms themed to each land.”

This makes so much sense when you think about each of the lands that are coming to Epic Universe — Dark Universe, How to Train Your Dragon — Isle of Berk, Celestial Park, and SUPER NINTENDO WORLD. Could you imagine how immersive each of the rooms would be?

Unlimited Express Pass

Last up, you’re really looking forward to seeing express pass be a perk of the new hotel.

Universal Express Pass

Here’s what you said:

  • “Unlimited Express like the other 3 hotels.”
  • “My prediction: this hotel will eventually have express pass for new park. The current premieres will stay with express for current parks only.”

This also makes a ton of sense and we could completely see Universal offering their express pass as complimentary with a stay in this hotel.

The Unspoken Rules of Using Express Pass at Universal Orlando


Those are just some of the things you want to see come to the Grand Helios Hotel coming to Epic Universe, and we want to hear more from you! In the meantime, stay tuned to AllEars for all the latest Universal Orlando news!

Learn more about Universal Epic Universe HERE!

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What do you want to see come to the Grand Helios Hotel coming to Epic Universe? Tell us all about it in the comments! 

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