The Essential Every Disney Mom Is Packing for Disney World

We’re pretty sure we found the essential item every Disney mom is packing for their Disney World trip and since we’re pretty sure you’re gonna want to pack it too, we decided we needed to share.

Cinderella Castle

We’re always letting you in on the top essentials to bring on your trip Disney World because we want to guarantee you the best trip possible. Thankfully, a lot of these must-have items are just a click away thanks to Amazon, and we found this essential straight from there!

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There are a lot of mishaps that can happen during your Disney trip, and a lot of them unfortunately tend to be out of your control. But as long as you stay prepared, nothing can ruin your much-anticipated trip, and that’s exactly why we let you know about all the must-have essentials when visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth!

Pack this KeepGoing Travel First Aid Kit and you’re sure to thank us later.

KeepGoing Travel First Aid Kit

One of those many unfortunate mishaps that can happen during your trip is a scraped knee or a blister on the foot. This compact first aid kit ensures that you have everything equipped to handle those in the moment. With 130 pieces stored in this handy bag, you no longer have to worry about trying to locate the nearest convenience store or First Aid Center for a bandaid or antibiotic cream.

130 Pieces included in the kit

From bandaids to wipes, to ointments for any cuts, scrapes, or burns and even moleskin and lip balm, this kit has it all and can easily be stored into your park bag. It also comes with stickers for the kiddos so once you’re done giving them the care they need, you can bring their spirits up with a fun little sticker.

All you need in one compact kit

A great way to keep from stressing out during any unplanned accidents, this kit is sure to save the day and make you feel confident that if anything does happen, you can deal with it immediately.

First Aid Kit

Equipped with a First Aid Guide and even a miniature sewing kit, this First Aid Kit is just the thing to have on you during your trip!

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We love finding all the essentials that can help you stay prepared during your Disney trip. Stay tuned as we bring you all the best tips and tricks and Disney news.


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