The Game of Life Is Hard, and The AllEars Team Learned That Firsthand!

The AllEars YouTube team has played A LOT of games in the past few years, but a lot of them revolve around imaginary circumstances.

Sage, Fry Bucket, Emma, and Quincy during the Flower and Garden Festival

No one is really a backstabber as they appear in Traitors, and there wasn’t REALLY a murder mystery to solve in the parks (although if there was, we’ve seen how it would go down). But NOW, they’ve done something a little different. Things just got REAL.

There’s only ONE way you can live an entire life in one day, and that’s by playing the GAME of LIFE! (Like, the literal board game, not the metaphorical game of life we all play every day.)

Quincy and Emma at Communicore Hall

LIFE is a board game that takes players through different big moments of life — graduating high school, going to college, getting married, and having kids, but also the not-so-fun parts like getting into an accident, having to pay unexpected expenses, and so on and so forth. (If you’re ever trying to get your kids to understand what it’s like to be an adult, just have them play this game.) And the AllEars YouTube team recently played it in EPCOT!


The team created an exciting replica of the game that involves all things EPCOT — the snacks, the rides, the ambiance, EVERYTHING — and you can watch the video right now to see who wins!

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We can’t wait to see you all in the chat Saturday morning!

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