Disney Could Be Bringing Back This CANCELED Show!

It’s no secret that Disney’s been canceling shows left and right lately.


And they’re not the only ones! Plenty of companies have been scrapping their television series after one season, a few seasons, it really doesn’t seem to matter. While we’re heartbroken over some of these decisions, we have great news for you — Disney may be bringing BACK this canceled show!

According to The Direct, Gravity Falls, which was canceled on Disney Channel in 2014, COULD see a revival in the future, according to one top Disney executive.


Since the show’s cancelation, the creator Alex Hirsch has published many books in the same universe, continuing the story. However, in a recent interview, Executive Vice President of Television Animation and Disney Branded Television Meredith Roberts told The Direct, “You know, we’re in conversations with Alex. He’s about to publish a book with Disney on his project. And we also do some shorts. So never say never.

Alex Hirsch and fans celebrating the Gravity Falls: Lost Legends graphic novel ©BN EVENTS GROVE ON TWITTER

Even though the show’s been gone for 10 years now, the demand for a reboot is still plenty strong within the fanbase, and any glimmer of hope is welcome.

Dipper and Mabel got your back!

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3 Replies to “Disney Could Be Bringing Back This CANCELED Show!”

  1. Bringing back Gravity Falls is a great idea!!!!!!!!! It appeals to a base that Disney often misses that leans toward Universal.