3 Ways Airlines Are STILL Trying To Trick You

Let’s face it, if we could teleport to our vacation destination, we would.

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Whether you’re traveling to Disney World or anywhere that requires air travel, one thing is certain — if you aren’t vigilant, you could wind up paying too much. Fortunately, we’re happy to help you save on your vacations, including letting you know when you’re getting scammed by the airline.

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When planning your trip, it’s best to stay on your toes to avoid three major ways airlines are still trying to trick you.

1. Seat Selection Fees

Some airlines will let you select a specific seat but charge you more than the base cost of a ticket. How generous.

Airplane seats

These fees are misleading. The seat selection process makes it seem like you must select a seat and pay an additional fee, but this is just another form of drip pricing — a form of confusing customers at checkout to agree to optional fees.

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Instead, you can skip the selection process altogether. Sure, you could get stuck in a pesky middle seat or in a row you’d rather not sit in, but you’re going to save money. Don’t fall for the lie that you have to pay extra money on top of what you’ll pay for a regular ticket.

2. Getting Charged Too Much To Check A Small Carry-On

One thing is for certain — airlines are going to try to get you for every cent. This also applies to checked bags.

©United Airlines

While some airlines like Southwest have fair bag policies, others like United only allow one personal item, and carry-on luggage must be checked at the gate. Unfortunately, even if your carry-on is small, you’ll still pay the standard bag fee. We don’t mean to pick on United, but in its case, you’ll not only pay the standard fee, but an additional $25. 


It’s important to know your airline’s bag policy before you even begin packing, maximize your luggage space, and/or choose your airline based on your budgetary restrictions.

3. Making YOU Do The Research Regarding Flight Delay and Cancelation Rights

It’s not shady to hide passengers’ rights when it comes to flight delays and cancelations, right? RIGHT?

Here’s what Terminal B, Gates 40-48, looks like when it’s empty. [Chuck Schmidt]
According to NBC News, a federal rule was announced in April that will require airlines to “quickly give cash refunds — without lengthy arguments — to passengers whose flights have been canceled or seriously delayed.” Of course, this rule had to be put into effect because of the sketchy language and loopholes airlines would try to use to get out of refunding paying customers.

Terminal B at Orlando Airport

Airlines will make it difficult to find passengers’ rights to refunds and will typically try to offer reimbursement through travel credits.

Fortunately, the new rule makes refunds automatic and airlines will now be required to disclose junk fees like surprise baggage fees upfront. Projections on flier savings appear to be around $500 million per year, so it looks like passengers will finally get the last laugh.

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