Do You DREAM of Living Next Door to a Theme Park? Here’s Your Chance!

A unique apartment complex is being built right near Epic Universe.


With Universal’s upcoming new theme park Epic Universe approximately a year away from completion, we’re beginning to see the park take shape, as well as Universal’s new hotels there. And as you might expect, other projects are starting to spring up around what promises to be a very busy area soon. AND … there’s a possibility you could live there!

On March 25th, a master plan request was filed with the city of Orlando for a project one mile north of the Epic Universe site known as “Kirkman Point Multifamily.” This 11-acre site sits at the northeast corner of South Kirkman Road and Carrier Drive.

City of Orlando Records

The plan, which was filed by Tellus Partners — a Georgia-based developer — is for a large housing/apartment complex. According to the plans, the development will feature eight four-story residential buildings, as well as a clubhouse and amenities building. The buildings would break down into 314 homes, with 176 of them being located in “traditional multifamily buildings” at the center of the property while the remaining 238 would be “triplex” units spread over the other six buildings.

Based upon the plans and renderings provided, the homes will be vertically-oriented, with garages underneath. The “triplex” units will feature two bedrooms and two bathrooms each.

City of Orlando Records

The apartments are coming at a necessary time for the Orlando area asdemand for new apartments is far outstripping supply.

According to Scott Ramey, vice chairman for Newmark’s Multifamily Capital Markets team in Orlando, “What we’re tracking for 2024 is at least a 35% reduction of units delivering this year compared to last year — and then next year, that incoming supply number drops off by another 30-35%. We’re going to be faced with a period of not enough supply to meet the demand, because the population growth in Florida is still one of the strongest in the country.”

City of Orlando Records

This new, unique apartment complex under construction near Epic Universe is going to provide some much-needed housing options for the area, especially once the park opens. Stay tuned to AllEars for more Central Florida updates.

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Have you considered moving to the Orlando area?If you already live there, would you recommend it? Let us know in the comments below.

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One Reply to “Do You DREAM of Living Next Door to a Theme Park? Here’s Your Chance!”

  1. Living next to any commercial operation is a 100% no go no matter how much you like a product/service. The downsides far exceed any potential upside. When you go on vacation you are wearing vacation glasses whether you know it or not. A restaurant within walking distance or line of sight from your house is ideal and you might notice the sounds from the outside bar, but not enough to care because you are on vacation. Were you to move close to this restaurant your patience would be exhausted fairly quickly with the traffic, bar noise, drunks roaming about, etc. If you are on vacation and think you would like to live year, you should rent for a year to see what it is like when you are not on vacation. It probably is not what your see through your vacation glasses.

    Sadly many people move to the island where I live because they think vacationing is the same as living there when it definitely is not. Typically you have work and how many times can you take fireworks outside of the 4th of July or people parking in your yard or 20 people in a house that sleeps 12. I knew what I was getting into when I moved here and knew enough to be as far away from the tourist portion as possible, but most do not and end up with an expensive lesson they pack up and move somewhere else. The house across from me was a weekly rental and is now on its 4th family. This one has made it a little over two years so they have probably pooled it off. They are not free and clear yet as there is a restaurant 200′ from their home and people will park up and down the street in front of their home when it reopens. It has been closed since 2020 and is for sale.