McDonald’s Just Released NEW Disney Happy Meal Toys…and We’re a Little Confused

New Happy Meal toys just debuted, and we are bringing you the details!

New Happy Meal toys have arrived!

Yes, McDonald’s just teased and debuted new toys, a new sauce, and more, but this Happy Meal update is going to take us internationally. Why? Well, McDonald’s is releasing toys for a new Disney/Pixar movie!

McDonald’s in Latin American countries including Brazil, Uruguay, and Colombia, began offering Happy Meal toys based on Pixar’s Elio.


These toys also allow us to get a closer look at the characters from the new movie! Take a look at Elio Solis and Ooooo, Giordon, Grigon Ambassador, Ambassador Alya…


…Ambassador Questa, Aquarii Ambassador, Ambassador Mira, and Helix Ambassador! We can’t wait to learn more about these characters in the movie.


We are a little confused by this drop…and that’s because the movie isn’t even set to come out this year! Elio was originally scheduled to release in March 2024, but it has since been pushed back until June 13th, 2025. So, while you may not be able to watch the movie just yet, if you are in Latin America you can pick up a Happy Meal with toys inspired by the movie!


Take a look at the trailer for Elio below:

While you can currently only get these in McDonald’s in Latin America, who knows where they might be released next?

Stay tuned to AllEars for all your McDonald’s news!

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What is your favorite Happy Meal toy? Let us know in the comments!

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6 Replies to “McDonald’s Just Released NEW Disney Happy Meal Toys…and We’re a Little Confused”

  1. This happened a time before hrn I was younger. 🙃🤔

    I loved that in the 90’s we could buy extra toys for $2 a toy.
    I have collected Ronald McDonald 4part pull apart toy
    Also I have a Winnie the Pooh & a Tigger too.
    These also have a 4part pull apart different toys so really 5 in 1
    I’ve also collected Snoopy’s. The large toys with accessories & the smaller Snoopy’s as well

    I have having nephews, nieces,lots trips out in school holidays & I’ve got many Disney soft toys & oh my gosh I’m looking at some I have a lot more than I realised.
    Its just shame not have everyone esp in my Snoopy’s.
    Thanks for also aussie maccas not naming new burger twin box with the toy. This is called the Adults Happy Meal.???
    Shame I was waiting for so long to ask for a age appropriate meal box choice for me😘😇

  2. Why are the toys out and not the movie? Because the toys were planned on a schedule and so are set to come out at a set time. This is why US locations rarely do movie tie ins anymore until the movie releases.

  3. Then why still bring out the toys if the movie isn’t coming out until the middle of next year?Why not bring out toys that come has a Disney movie that comes out this year or some other kind of toy?But I do have to agree they remind me as well as Pokemon or Yu•Gi•Yo cartoon characters… YIKES 😬😬😳😳