10 NEW Clues About Universal’s MAJOR Epic Universe Expansion

We know, we know. You’re excited about Universal’s NEW theme park opening in Orlando in 2025! Guess what?! So are we!


It has been about two weeks since Universal dropped some huge news about what’s coming to the park, including confirming the names and themes of the lands, and confirming rides and restaurants. And we’ll admit it, we just keep pulling up the concept art to look for new details every day.

So today, we’re letting you in on some secrets we’ve found when zooming in on the concept art. Here are 10 new things you might not know about Epic Universe!

Words greet you at every turn.

One big thing we noticed when we zoomed in on the details in the concept art were WORDS. They’re everywhere! Each portal has an important phrase that fits the theming of the land beyond the arch. Super Nintendo Land has the Mario catchphrase, “Here we go!”

Here We Go! to Super Nintendo World at Epic Universe

The portal for How to Train Your Dragon — Isle of Berk is inscribed with  “We my friends, have dragons!”

How to Train Your Dragon — Isle of Berk portal at Epic Universe

Over at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Ministry of Magic, we have a quote from Professor Albus Dumbledore: “For in dreams we enter a world that is entirely our own.”

Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Ministry of Magic at Epic Universe

And that famous Frankenstein phrase, “It’s alive! It’s alive” is what you’ll pass under as you enter the Dark Universe land.

“It’s alive! It’s alive!” is incribed on the portal to Dark Universe at Universal Epic Universe.

And let’s not forget the Celestial Park Overlook! Here on the Goddess Luna sculpture we see this in the rendering: “The Goddess Luna draws the veil across the worlds as colors pale. Her glowing face reflects the light. And pulls the stars into the …” The artist rendering covers up the end of this sentence, but we have to assume she “pulls the stars into the night.”

Celestial Park Overlook at Epic Universe

These ride vehicles really will glow.

Starfall Racers, the dual-launch coaster announced for Celestial Park will have ride vehicles that are lit to appear they glow in the dark. Universal says the ride vehicles will be “fully illuminated,” and the track will not have external lighting at night — making the ride vehicles appear to glow in the dark like this concept art shows.

Starfall Racers ride vehicles will appear to glow in the dark!

The details are written in the stars.

Universal says, “the sun, moon and stars have aligned” to create Epic Universe, and you’ll want to pay attention to the stars you see throughout Celestial Park. We spotted Luigi in a constellation on the ceiling inside the Nintendo Super Store … and you’ll also need to look up to see Princess Peach in the marble column.

Check the ceiling in the Nintendo Super Store at Universal Epic Universe.

Instead of pennies in the fountain outside this store, how about Mario and some gold coins?

Fountain outside the Nintendo Super Store in Universal Epic Universe

There will be TWO lounges in Celestial Park.

Universal announced the Tiger Bar that will be part of the new Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant, but we spotted another bar in the concept art. It’s the Aquaria Bar — part of the second table-service restaurant confirmed for Celesital Park, Atlantic. The concept art makes it look like there will be seating on three levels at this steak and seafood restaurant, and the curved staircases here remind us a bit of multi-level dining rooms on cruise ships.

See the Aquaria Bar in the center of the concept art here?

There you have it — 10 new clues about what’s coming when Universal Epic Universe opens in 2025. This concept art is SO detailed, and we’ll continue searching for the clues toward what else might be coming to this brand new theme park. Keep following us here at All Ears for more!

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What are you most excited for in Epic Universe? Tell us in the comments!

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