The Internet Is BUZZING About a Confirmed Easter Egg Coming to an Epic Universe Attraction

If you’ve been a Universal fan from the start and fondly remember some of those classic opening-day attractions, this is for you!

Back to the Future

Ever since Universal announced plans to build Epic Universe, Universal fans have kept their eyes out for easter eggs and secret nods to old attractions. While we’ve gotten confirmation that Universal classic monsters will be found in Dark Universe, it appears we could also see a nod to a former Universal Studios attraction that’s become synonymous with the Universal brand.

One of the opening day attractions at Universal Studios in Orlando featured a moving theater ride of the pop culture film Back To The Future. While this attraction was certainly popular in its heyday with film and theme park enthusiasts alike, it eventually closed after several decades to make room for The Simpsons Ride.

Back To The Future The Ride

Today, you can still see nods to the old ride around Universal Studios. For example, over at Springfield U.S.A., you may spot a train featured in one of the Back To The Future films, plus there are several references to the film in gift shops, and you can still meet Doc Brown (but be warned, you may have to listen to him ramble on about time travel.)  We’ve recently found evidence that ANOTHER Back to the Future easter egg may be coming soon!


A recent photo shared by Universal teases a possible easter egg hidden in the new Starfall Racers attraction. This dual racing coaster will be found in Epic Universe’s NEW Celestial Park.


While we’re still awaiting more information about what to expect, Universal’s picture hints that the back of the ride vehicles will be outfitted with the iconic “outatime” license plate. This would be a true nod to the time-traveling DeLorean found in the Back to the Future films!


In fact, Universal even commented on the possible easter egg, saying, “And although I can’t give this easter egg away just yet, just know that there’s a gift for true Universal fans on the back of each coaster vehicle. Truly outatime!” How interesting! It sounds like Universal is at least confirming the existence of an easter egg. We can’t wait to learn more!

DeLorean in Universal Orlando

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