NEWS: Disney Announces Temporary CLOSURE For Popular Nighttime Attraction

Another closure may affect your upcoming Disneyland plans.

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Although we’re just getting started with the holidays and festivals for the final stretch of the year in Disneyland and Disney Califonia Adventure, Disney’s already planning ahead for changes that could become a big disappointment if you didn’t know about it in advance.

If you’re lining up your next trip out to Disney’s California Adventure in the early part of the coming year, a sudden closure may have you rethinking your plans.

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World of Color — One which typically performs nightly as the ending entertainment to close out the park appears will be expecting an interruption in their performances. This popular show features dancing water jets that shoot up to the sky coordinated with a wonderful soundtrack and colorful background that’s beloved by many.

World of Color

Disney recently announced that World of Color — One will be closed for refurbishment in Disney California Adventure from Jan 8th – Feb 29th, 2024, per the Disneyland website page. This sudden closure also doesn’t list any particular reason for the schedule change other than a refurb.


Through the remainder of the holiday season, World of Color in its holiday performance is still scheduled to perform as originally posted and doesn’t seem to be affected by this newly announced closure.

We’ll keep watch over this closure and update you as we know more. Be sure to stay tuned with us for the latest in Disney closures and updates.

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